Clinton and Kaine Website Domain—Cybersquatter Posts ‘Hillary Potter’ Fan Fiction with Hilarious Illustrations

On Friday evening, Hillary Clinton announced Senator Tim Kaine as her vice presidential running mate. A cybersquatter has since created a Clinton and Kaine domain, and the website hosts some creative fan fiction that is starting to make waves. Rachel Maddow mentioned the site live on MSNBC during The Rachel Maddow Show on Friday evening. In mid-July, CNN reported on the story and what the creator, Jeremy Pegg, had to say regarding the site.

“I did it partially just as a fun project and partially to promote my modest non-sequitur gag webcomic, Feldman the Cat…I like having fun with my political domains whether I end up selling them or not.”

Fan Fiction Hillary Potter Hillary Clinton fan ficiton featuring Joe Biden
[Illustration by Jeremy Pegg and]

Before Tim Kaine was announced as Clinton’s running mate, two other names were being rumored as potential candidates. Vice President Joe Biden, and Senator Cory Booker. Jeremy Pegg cunningly reserved three Clinton-themed domains:,, and Each website holds three different fan fiction stories of the Harry Potter themed character, Hillary Potter. The tales are told through the three websites, and feature some creative character names like Joe Biding and Timotonous Kaine. tells the tale of Hillary Potter and the Half-Priced Prince.

“Joe Biding was about to graduate with flying colors. In his time at Hogwarts, Joe had established such a strong presence that it was hard to imagine the school without him. Joe’s impending exit worried Hillary Potter in particular. She knew the trials that she and her allies would face in the coming years and she wondered if they would be able to weather them without Joe. He also had a swagger and an earnest demeanor that Hillary admired…”

Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine Hillary Potter based on Clinton via cyberhacker features Booker

New Jersey democratic senator Corey Booker’s story, Hillary Potter and the Prisoner of New Jersey, can be found at

“Nobody on Hillary’s short list had more pizazz than Coriander Booker. His charm was so plentiful that many suspected he didn’t even need a wand to work magic. He also had a common person’s touch that endeared him to many. Once he even rescued a cat from a burning cottage, though it later turned out to be an unregistered animagus. On top of these qualities, he was moderate, uncontroversial, and would help to increase turnout in the Black, vegan, and teetotaller wizarding communities…” spoke with Jeremy Pegg and he gave further insight on his motivation for purchasing the domains.

“I bought [the domains] knowing that I probably wouldn’t get the right combo, but if I did the payoff would be big enough to justify it … I’m going crazy waiting for this decision because it’s going to have a big impact on my life.”

Tim Kaine Hillary Clinton Campaigns With Tim Kaine In Virginia
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (R) and Running Mate Tim Kaine [Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Well, Pegg did get the right combo when he created; time will tell if he ends up profiting from it, but in the meantime readers can enjoy the yarn of Hillary Potter and the Deathly Howler.

“Trump had to be stopped. He had won many followers already with his promise to erect a massive wall to keep muggles out, not to mention his advocacy for the surveillance and persecution of anybody who came from ‘unpure’ wizarding backgrounds. Now Hillary Potter and Timotonous Kaine were the only thing that stood between him and absolute dominance of the wizarding world. A terrifying thought…”

Tim Kaine Hillary Clinton Hillary Potter fan fiction also featuring Tim Kaine
[Illustration by Jeremy Pegg and]

Trump and Pence gear up to face off against Clinton and Kaine in one of the most controversial election cycles in American history. In the DCist interview, Jeremy Pegg explained he is voting Clinton for president. He would go on to say, “All three of the people I have would be great running mates, Cory Booker especially.” Pegg will have to settle with a Clinton and Kaine ticket instead.

Tim Kaine has a reputation for having a great sense of humor, and Hillary Clinton often tries to convince voters she has a sense of humor — perhaps the public will hear their opinions soon regarding the stories of Hillary Potter.

[Illustration by Jeremy Pegg, Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]