‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Try To Haggle Salaries — Chelsea Houska Emerges As ‘Favorite’ Mom

Teen Mom 2 has already started filming another season. There were some questions about who would be returning after some of the antics that took place last season. Adam Lind and Jeremy Calvert were talking about walking away for good, but they have been spotted filming. All of the moms have returned for another season as well despite some reservations. While all of that may seem like a win for the MTV network, it seems the stars aren’t exactly thrilled with everything their contracts include.

After all of the Teen Mom 2 seasons, the moms and dads are wanting more when it comes to compensation. According to the Hollywood Gossip, the Teen Mom 2 stars have talked about upping their pay. Right now, MTV is sitting pretty because the contracts were locked in before filming began. Anything extra that is done this season will be labeled “bonus footage,” which will allow the network to get away with not paying more than they want. If all of the moms band together, they could likely get a pay raise, but that won’t happen for at least another season. The show does well for the network and the ladies likely make less than what they are actually worth at this point. With all of the drama they provide during the off seasons, Teen Mom 2 remains relevant even when new episodes aren’t airing.

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Chelsea Houska is the most “together” star on Teen Mom 2. She gets the best edits from the production and editing teams, and that seems to bother the other ladies. Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans have both spoken out about how much they despise the way they are edited. Evans even called out a specific event and talked about how it really played out. The ladies believe that Houska is the favorite mom in the group, especially since she always looks good on camera. It seems that there is a little jealousy among the women, especially when it comes to Houska. She appears to have her ducks all in a row, which is why she never really looks bad in her scenes. Evans, Messer, and Kailyn Lowry all have some sort of drama happening in their lives, which is why people keep tuning in each week.

Adam Lind and Jeremy Calvert have both expressed a desire to walk away from Teen Mom 2. Last season, Lind was uncooperative during the reunion special with Dr. Drew Pinsky. It appeared that he would be walking away once his contractual obligations were met, but that is not the case. He has been spotted filming already. Calvert wanted to be left out of the spotlight. There was a lot of drama surrounding his crumbled marriage to Leah Messer, and he had enough. The Teen Mom 2 stars make headlines constantly, and he wanted to leave that life behind.

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If the Teen Mom 2 ladies band together and threaten to walk away from the network, they could easily get pay raises. While it hasn’t been discussed officially, Adam Lind let what Chelsea Houska makes slip out on social media. Since all of the moms are paid the same amount, it was easy to figure out why they kept returning season after season. It hasn’t been determined what the Teen Mom 2 dads make per season, but it is likely comparable to what the moms rake in. With a check like they earn, it would be foolish to walk away, especially if you’re not causing drama or involved in anything controversial. The upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 will feature Kailyn Lowry dissolving her marriage to Javi Marroquin while Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans each share their pregnancy experiences with fans.

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