Pippa Middleton Exercises With Ring After Getting Engaged To James Matthews

Now that Pippa Middleton is engaged, there is no way that she is parting with that hard-earned engagement ring! The fitness buff that she is, Pippa went on a little run still wearing her huge engagement ring for the world to see.

The paparazzi caught her in the midst of her exercise routine, “still glowing from fiancé James Matthews’ proposal,” reports Us Weekly.

“The newly engaged party planner kept her massive new bling close as she flew down the street, looking fit in a white tank top and hot-pink running shorts.”

She even flashed a smile as she took off, willing to give the cameramen a chance to get a close-up on her engagement ring.

The fact that she and her boyfriend James Matthews are engaged isn’t a huge surprise for her fans. A couple of weeks ago, James was seen cornering her mother Carole at a restaurant in London, possibly discussing this very proposal plan.

“Pippa Middleton’s boyfriend James Matthews had a meeting with her mother Carole last week – without his significant other in tow – in what could be a sign that he is ready to propose,” reports Daily Mail. “It is traditionally the father’s permission a would-be husband must seek, but any man wanting to marry a Middleton must surely win over the formidable matriarch, not just dad Michael.”

In hindsight, it looks like that’s exactly what her boyfriend was up to with her mother. Now he won’t have to hide the big secret away from Pippa.

“Miss Pippa Middleton and Mr. James Matthews are delighted to announce they became engaged on Sunday, July 17, and plan to marry next year,” the pair said in a statement, according to Us Weekly.

He definitely has been a supportive boyfriend for Pippa all throughout the relationship — especially when they got back together in 2015. He has taken part in her endurance races all over the world, skiing with her and making sure that he gets to spend time with her on short but fancy vacations to Corsica, St. Barts, and more.

But that doesn’t mean that Pippa had been sitting around expecting the question to drop at any moment. A source told Us Weekly that the engagement was “totally unexpected” and even her sister, the Duchess of Cambridge, “had no idea they were getting engaged so soon.”

He even made efforts to attend one of her favorite events in the world — Wimbledon Championships!

“Pippa Middleton made another stylish appearance at Wimbledon on Wednesday – this time alongside her boyfriend James Matthews,” reports Hello! Magazine. “This was the first public appearance for the couple who have been dating for over six months.”

As his wife, Pippa Middleton will be able to get her own title. He is “the heir to a vast Scottish property, which means that one day Pippa will become Lady Glen Affric,” according to Hello! Magazine.

Even as a Lady, it looks like she will not let her exercise routine go. If she can run with her gigantic engagement ring on her left fourth finger, there is so much more that she can do!

Before they got engaged, James and Pippa had taken all the necessary steps towards advancing their relationship. They have been fully introduced to each other’s families and have already moved in together.

“As the Royal sister-in-law enjoyed a romantic holiday in Corsica with hedge fund manager James Matthews last week, removal men were busy loading her possessions into his £17 million West London home,” reports Daily Mail. “They discreetly moved tables and chairs, dresses, coats, shoes and ornaments into his palatial property from the nearby apartment Pippa had been sharing with her brother James.”

Do you think Pippa is already in the throes of wedding planning? Do you think the wedding will be at his estate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

[Photo by Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Images]