Adele Packs Pepsi Stadium In Sold-Out Concert, Why ‘X Factor’ Contestants Shouldn’t Cover Adele

Adele has gone from being a girl from nowhere to one of the world’s biggest entertainment artists. In just eight years, Adele has achieved remarkable acclaim and record sales by delivering a stream of smash hits. And even though she has recorded an album only once every few years, her ubiquitous presence is felt on radio stations around the world.

The Denver Channel reported that the proof of her massive stardom was revealed when fifteen thousand fans filled Denver’s Pepsi Center to attend Adele’s concert that was almost instantly a sellout.

The packed concert hall seemed to suggest that all of Adele’s fans residing in Colorado were eagerly waiting for the superstar to perform in their home state. And even though the tickets were priced in the $1,000 range, fans came from all walks of life to witness the artist’s soulful and powerful performance.

Fans reported that it seemed as if all the barriers between the audience and the star fell away as the audience was mesmerized by Adele’s performance, which was a lot more than just elaborate set pieces and soaring ballads. And even though Adele was holding the center stage, she made herself accessible to the audience by chatting with them after every song and telling them the story behind the lyrics. Adele let loose her note-perfect voice effortlessly by opening her concert with her smash hit song, “Hello.”

On one occasion during the two-hour concert, Adele took a break from performing and made everyone laugh by making fun of her own music, which she described as being sad and sappy. For a moment, Adele’s conversational style of entertainment gave the entire concert a very casual feel. The Denver Channel reports that Adele went on to perform songs like “One and Only,” “Rumor Has It,” “Rolling In The Deep,” and “Chasing Pavements” from her hit albums 21 and 19.

Adele also performed a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” that features on her album 19. According to Westword, Adele spoke about how much she was missing her partner that day as she sang Bob Dylan’s perfectly heartbreaking number.

“It’s nice doing somebody else’s song because I can interpret it with whatever I’m feeling that day.”

The massive turnout of fans at Adele’s Denver concert makes it hard to believe that there might be people who can actually get turned off Adele’s songs. The Mirror reports that Simon Cowell, a judge on The X Factor, is irritated and tired of hearing the numerous wannabe pop stars attempting to mimic Adele by covering her songs.

Simon is turned off to such an extent that another contestant singing an Adele number may well make him bury his head in his hands. According to Dermot O’Leary, the current host of The X Factor, singing an Adele number is the perfect way to get turned down by the judges. Of course, it’s up to the contestants to decide whether they will heed Dermot’s advice.

Meanwhile, Adele’s fans, who go by the name of #Daydreamers, are all set to take on Zayn Malik’s fan army in Billboard’s Fan Army Face-off competition. The event is a bracket-style tournament in which various fan armies will square off against each other. Fan armies are formed on social media, and it is up to the fans of various artists to vote for their favorite artist. The number of votes not only determines the artist’s popularity but will also determine the fan army which has the loudest voice in the pop sphere. According to Billboard, Adele’s #Daydreamers will come out in full force to pledge their support to their favorite star, which may just come as a surprise to a huge Malik fandom known as the Zsquad.

[Photo by KGC-138/STAR MAX/IPx]