Dr. Phil McGraw Slapped With Two More Lawsuits, Read The Shocking And Bizarre Claims [Report]

There is more bad news for television personality and TV shrink, Dr. Phil McGraw. Radar Online learned that he was slapped with another lawsuit for sexual abuse, but this time, it occurred on his TV show, Dr. Phil's House: House of Judgement in 2007. The lawsuit accuses Dr. Phil of "indecent exposure, brainwashing, public ridicule, mental and physical abuse, sexual harassment and emotional distress."

The lawsuit claims that Crystal Matchett was a former patient of Dr. Phils's and lived in his house for the TV series, Dr. Phil's House: House of Judgement. She was so outraged by the TV shrink's behavior that she filed a lawsuit on October 9. 2009, and demanded that the self-help guru is held accountable for his "questionable" behavior.

And, it doesn't stop there -- another woman followed Crystal's lead and filed a lawsuit against Dr. Phil for touching her inappropriately and allegedly exposing himself to her during a therapy session. Shirley Dieu claimed that not only did Dr. Phil allegedly touched her "left breast," but he forced her to "be in the same room with a completely naked man while he exposed his entire body, genitals and all."

Dr. Phil's legal team has dismissed the lawsuits and labeled them without merit, but all three lawsuits mirror each other. They all accuse Dr. Phil of similar behavior, which makes the claims seem more credible.

Crystal Matchett claimed in legal documents submitted to the court that Dr. Phil introduced a "naked man" to the house during filming (Dr. Phil's House) and the houseguest "were forced" to eat and entertain the surprise guest.

The other women living in the house report that the "naked man's" behavior crossed the line and reportedly disgusted all the people in the room.

"The man started touching himself, fondling his private parts and then sat down at the table with us.Me, Shirley ( Dieu) and the other women walked out! The whole experience was extremely traumatic and caused serious personal and mental injuries."
Crystal Matchett claims that Dr. Phil's staff locked her from leaving the house or reporting the abuse. She felt like a prisoner on the show and was told what to say if she wanted to leave.
"They prevented us from reporting a crime.My experience on the show was a total nightmare. It was humiliating. A lot of inappropriate stuff was going on in that house."
Law Newz reported that there is no concrete evidence to support that Dr. Phil did anything wrong, and should not be held accountable. Apparently, there is no proof that Dr. Phil was accused of sexual harassment and abuse in 1988 against Sara Morrison.
"Specifically, it was alleged that an inappropriate dual relationship developed between the licensee and Sara Jane Morrison during the course of a therapeutic relationship which existed between the doctor and the complainant."
They concluded that Dr. Phil and Morrison had an inappropriate relationship. There's an unspoken standard of a relationship that a psychologist must keep to preserve a healthy and therapeutic dynamic with their patients. It was apparent that Dr. Phil failed to maintain the distinction. The Board of Psychology never mentioned any allegations of sexual abuse or molestation charges.
There's not any concrete evidence that Dr. Phil is guilty of sexual abuse. If he did touch these women as they stated, he needs to face the legal ramifications of his actions. Sexual assault a serious crime and can have lasting emotional damage on the victims.

Do you think Dr. Phil is guilty of sexual misconduct with these women? Do you think that he will ever face any type of charges for his alleged actions? Stick with the Inquisitr for more celebrity news and updates.

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