‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star K. Michelle Responds To Criticism For Playing Memphitz And Toya Wright Video

K. Michelle received a lot of criticism recently when she aired footage of Memphitz and Toya Wright fighting during a recent concert in Virginia. Now, she has responded via Twitter and has something to say to those who keep giving her a hard time.

“There’s NOTHING PETTY about a true story. You same people telling me to get over it are the same idiots who called me a liar! Find a seat,” K. Michelle tweeted.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star famously claimed that Memphitz had been abusive to her during their relationship, only to be criticized and called a liar. She talked about domestic violence and the suffering she went through on the hit VH1 reality show to the point where Memphitz sued her and K. Michelle won.

As both K. Michelle and Memphitz both moved on in their personal lives, the music executive ended up marrying Lil Wayne’s baby mama, Toya Wright. Then, Toya and K. Michelle began to bicker back and forth on social media, and the two women were soon publicly feuding about Memphitz.

It turns out that marriage wasn’t perfect for Toya Wright and Memphitz, so they decided to head to Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars to see if they could fix their relationship on reality TV. That may have been their first mistake, and it definitely gave his LHHATL star ex a lot of ammunition and proof that Memphitz has a pretty fierce temper.

Last month, Marriage Boot Camp aired footage of Memphitz as he explodes in a rage directed at Toya Wright, and it’s hard to even figure out what made him so angry. As Toya just sits there in disbelief, Memphitz rants about how if she isn’t having sex with him, he’ll get it somewhere else. Then he tells her to clean up his mess. With a few more really disrespectful words, the fight is over and Memphitz leaves the room. The whole thing was pretty shocking and further proves that K. Michelle may not have been lying about how abusive he is or can be.

In the same month that the footage aired, Toya admits that she and Memphitz are headed for divorce. Now fans of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars can clearly see why. Not to mention that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta crowd are also shocked and can now see why K. Michelle was so outspoken with her own abuse claims.

Just a few weeks later, while performing a concert in Virgina, K. Michelle aired the Marriage Boot Camp clip on a screen behind her. When she did, some fans congratulated K. for telling the truth and for standing up against abuse. Others criticized the singer for being too petty. They believe that K. Michelle should have let it go since it’s starting to look like Memphitz doesn’t treat Toya Wright any better than he treated her. Some made statements about how K. Michelle should be sympathetic to Toya even though the two have been feuding for a few years now. Toya was quick to deny that Memphitz ever abused her.

Now, K. Michelle has something to say to those who think she shouldn’t have aired the footage in front of all her fans. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star went on a rather lengthy Twitter rant where she let everyone know exactly how she feels (because she wouldn’t be K. Michelle if she didn’t do that).

“If you can’t be free on your own stage, then where? You won’t take that from me. I fought 2sing and now I will do as I please with my ART,” K. Michelle tweeted. “I WILL SING MY SONGS AND TELL MY STORIES FROM BEGINNING 2END.On that stage I lay it all out. You get the raw,real me.Singing full of passion.”

Now that fans have seen Memphitz get pretty nasty with Toya Wright, do LHHATL fans owe K. Michelle an apology for doubting her story? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]