Mysterious Black UFO Filmed Hovering Over Scottish Harbor Baffles The Internet [Video]

Shaky but eerie footage showing a mysterious black UFO hovering for several minutes over a harbor in Scotland has left many baffled. The footage was captured over Ayr Harbor in Scotland by 13-year-old James Cooper. James sighted the UFO hovering in the sky for about 15 minutes at about 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 17, 2016.

The video clip shows a UFO that some viewers said resembles a black Chinook military helicopter, hovering over the Ayr Harbor. However, UFO blogger Scott C. Waring disagreed with viewers who thought the mysterious UFO looks like a Chinook helicopter. He appeared to suggest the comparison was a veiled effort to debunk the video.

“News [reports say] this is a Chinook helicopter, but as you can see from the close up, that is ridiculously wrong,” he wrote on his UFO Sightings Daily blog.

“This is a UFO and it has three long arms coming out of it on the right side. Its shape is like that of a barrel.”

“We finally get some close up photos of one of those UFOs over the U.K. [This is] very rare, and the report is directly from the city it happened in. This cannot be debunked,” he concluded.

James Cooper was leaving a grocery store when he sighted the UFO and filmed it on his phone, the Daily Mail reports. Unable to explain the sighting, he sent the 28-second footage to his father Jamie Cooper, 33, through Whatsapp.

Jamie was also unable to explain the black object in the footage.

“James was walking home when he took the footage on Sunday, and sent it to me through Whatsapp,” Jamie said.

“I have never seen anything like this before, I think it’s a UFO and James does too.”

Jamie said that before seeing the footage he had never taken UFOs and aliens seriously because he had never encountered convincing evidence. But the footage has changed his view about the subject, he said.

Jamie said his son told him the object was stationary in the air for at least 15 minutes. But the teenager suspected the UFO may have hovered over the same spot much longer because he looked up and saw it in the air as he was leaving the grocery store.

“I have no idea what I think about aliens, there’s nothing to prove that there is or isn’t aliens but I think this has changed my view a bit,” Jamie said. “James thinks it was hanging there for around 15 minutes but could have been longer as he wasn’t looking in that direction on his way to the shops, only on the way back.”

Jamie said he was curious about the nature and identity of the object. But he felt certain it was not a drone.

“I’d like to know what it was, [but] it’s definitely not something you’d expect to see,” he said.

“It can’t be a drone because of the shape of it. If you zoom into the picture you can see it’s not a helicopter.”

“My mum and grandparents have seen it and have no idea either,” he continued. “I also let a friend see it as he works at the port. I thought maybe it was something to do with the port. He said he has no idea either.”

The latest sighting comes soon after the British media reported a baffling UFO sighting in daytime over a medieval castle in Caernarfon, North Wales.

The witness, Owain Powell, captured footage showing a disc-shaped UFO moving in the air over the fortress until it disappeared behind the walls, according to the Mirror.

The witness attempted to zoom in on the UFO just before it disappeared behind the castle walls.

Scotland has a long history of UFO sightings, but probably the most famous was the 1957 West Freugh UFO incident in Wigtownshire, Scotland, according to the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society.

While monitoring an aerial exercise in April 1957, three radar units, one of which was attached to the RAF West Freugh base in Wigtownshire, Scotland, tracked a mysterious UFO over the Irish Sea. The object, first detected by the radar operators at Balscalloch near Corsewall Point, was stationary in the sky at an altitude of about 50,000 feet. But after 10 minutes it rose to a height of about 70,000 feet.

Minutes later, several other UFOs moving at tremendous speeds appeared in the sky. The operators at Balscalloch contacted the West Freugh air traffic control. West Freugh and Ardwell units also detected at least four objects that appeared to streak across the sky at an altitude of about 60,000 feet before diving down to about 14,000 feet.

The mysterious flying objects disappeared mysteriously.

Information about the incident was leaked to the media. When media reporters made inquiries, a spokesperson for the Air Ministry declined to comment. But Wing Commander Walter Whitworth, the RAF West Freugh Commanding Officer, released a statement.

“I have been ordered by the Air Ministry to say nothing about the object,” he said. “I am not allowed to reveal its position, course and speed. From the moment of picking it up, it was well within our area. It was an object of some substance — quite definitely not a freak. No mistake could have been made by the [Ministry of Supply] civilians operating the sets. They are fully qualified and experienced officers.”

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