‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Spoilers From July 20 Episode Include Veto Winner, Veto Ceremony, Lots Of Crying [Spoilers]

This Big Brother 18 recap comes from the Wednesday, July 20, episode of the show. Many Big Brother 18 spoilers had already indicated that the house was going to target specific people for eviction, and now the CBS viewers were given an opportunity to catch up on what has been happening in the BB18 house following the nominations. The latest episode aired on CBS at 8 p.m. PT/ET on July 20. The main focal points were to reveal who won the Veto competition and whether the Power of Veto got used at the Week 4 ceremony.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paulie Calafiore won the HOH competition on Thursday, July 14. His second HOH win this season guaranteed he would have safety for the week, but also protected his team inside the BB18 house as well. As denoted by fan site Joker’s Updates, Paulie winning guaranteed safety for Frank Eudy, Bridgette Dunning, and Michelle Meyer. During the nomination ceremony, he put Tiffany Rousso and Natalie Negrotti on the block. Tiffany then won the Roadkill competition and chose Corey Brooks as the third nominee.

All of this information was covered before the opening credits even ran, marking this as the real beginning of the July 20 Big Brother 18 recap. The colored part of the episode began with the immediate reactions of the BB18 house to what had taken place at the Roadkill nomination ceremony. Corey was a bit surprised that he had been nominated for eviction, but he had ideas on who might have been that was targeting him. As with anyone getting nominated for the first time, Corey set his sights on simply winning the Veto to guarantee his own safety.

Natalie Negrotti also gave an interview in the Diary Room where she talks about being stressed out being on the block. While she appeared quite worried, most of the Big Brother 18 spoilers from the live feeds have shown she really has nothing to worry about this week. The same cannot be said for Tiffany in Week 4.

Tiffany Rousso is shown as the main target for Head of Household Paulie Calafiore, and it appears at this point of the episode that he has most of the BB18 house on board with her eviction. Paulie and Tiffany have a big blowout and she starts to prove that Paulie was right in predicting she could blow up everyone’s game. CBS viewers are later shown how Frank Eudy and Tiffany start working together, possibly forming an alliance that could be a problem for other people in the game.

Paulie announces that it is time for the Veto and the three nominees to join him in the living room. Paul Abrahamian and Da’Vonne Rogers join Corey Brooks, Tiffany Rousso, Natalie Negrotti, and Paulie as the six competitors. Zakiyah Everette is selected as the host and they all head to the backyard to begin a very important competition. In a head-to-head Veto competition, Corey ended up winning, though the plan had been for him to not secure the power this week. That was known to live feed viewers due to prior installments of Big Brother 18 spoilers.

More BB18 house drama followed the Veto competition, with Tiffany frustrated that Da’Vonne was crying. It led to even more crying in the house, as well as a lot of negotiating about what might happen if Corey used the Veto on himself. It was very clear that quite a few houseguests were worried that they would be targeted with the re-nom selection.

At the Veto ceremony, Corey Brooks used the Veto to save himself. A replacement nominee then had to be named to take his place. Tiffany Rousso, as the Week 4 Roadkill winner, decided to go with Da’Vonne Rogers as her choice. This put Da’Vonne on the block next to Tiffany and Natalie Negrotti. Now those three women will be the choices for eviction on the next episode of the show. At the end of the Veto ceremony, though, there was even more drama when Da’Vonne whipped her braids and they hit Tiffany.

There ends the July 20 Big Brother 18 recap, with the next episode deciding who will become the fifth evicted houseguest of summer 2016. For BB18 fans wanting to learn what else has transpired in the house, more information was shared in a previous report by the Inquisitr earlier in the week.

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]