Are You Sad HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Ending? Well, Robert Kirkman Plans to Adapt The ‘Chronicles Of Amber’ So Fantasy Fans Can Get Their Fix

If you are a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones who is disappointed the show now has only two shortened seasons left before it concludes for good, fear not, there is a new show to take it’s place. Skybound’s Robert Kirkman and Dave Alpert are planning to pick up the fantasy franchise Chronicles of Amber and adapt it for television.

The Chronicles of Amber is a book series that has sold more than 15 million copies globally, so, like Game of Thrones, already has a huge fan base built into the franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robert Kirkman and Dave Alpert are joining with Vincent Newman Entertainment to bring this epic fantasy series to life. It seems likely they are hoping to cash in on the void left by HBO’s Game of Thrones in the process as well as being able to introduce those fans to another fantasy world that could be just as gratuitous and violent as Westeros.

Emilia Clarke stars as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO's Game of Thrones [Image via HBO]And being a fantasy series isn’t the only thing the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny and Game of Thrones have in common either. THR states George R.R. Martin (the author of the book series Game of Thrones is based on) was inspired by and a massive fan of Zelazny’s work calling the author a “storyteller without peer.” The Chronicles of Amber book series is also a favorite of Dave Alpert’s.

“Chronicles of Amber is one of my favorite book series of all time, and one of my main inspirations for working in film and television. Getting to produce this project is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I can’t wait to share this amazing story with a new generation of fans.”

Unlike the Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead series, Robert Kirkman and Dave Alpert will not have to worry about the Chronicles of Amber television series catching up to or surpassing the written form as this series was first published in 1970 and is a complete series already. According to the official press release from Skybound, the story “revolves around Corwin, who awakens on Earth with no memory but soon finds he is a prince of a royal family that has the ability to travel through different dimensions of reality (called “shadows”) and rules over the one true world/dimension known as Amber.” As a result of this, Kirkman and Alpert may also be able to attract fans of the TV series Outlander as well.

Robert Kirkman and Dave Alpert plan to bring the Chronicles of Amber to TV [Image via Skybound]Now HBO is winding up Game of Thrones, you would think they would be looking to pick up another show to fill the cavernous void the show will leave when it winds up in 2018. And perhaps they do have their eye on this series as well. While Robert Kirkman and Dave Alpert are joining with Vincent Newman Entertainment, it is usual for the duo to work with the AMC network. As yet, Skybound and AMC have made no official announcement in relation to which network will pick this series up, so it is unclear yet if this venture will be in conjunction with AMC and Skybound yet or an independent venture. Kirkman has worked with Cinemax on his series, Outcast, so perhaps HBO will try to pick up this new series.

Back when Robert Kirkman was looking for a backer for his zombie apocalypse series, The Walking Dead, HBO was approached along with NBC. According to Screen Crush, both of these networks turned down Kirkman’s iconic work because they thought the show would be too violent. Think about that for a moment. HBO thought The Walking Dead might be too violent for their network. This is the same network that has shown copious amounts of violence mixed in with their nudity on Game of Thrones. As a result of this, Walking Dead‘s producer Gale Ann Hurd continued shopping networks until AMC stuck their hand up and the rest, as they say, is history.

Kirkman, Alpert and Newman will serve as executive producers on the Chronicles of Amber series and will soon begin the search for a writer to adapt the series.

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[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]