Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini Taken Away In Ambulance After Exhibiting Flu-Like Symptoms

Bo Pelini, the Nebraska’s head coach, was taken to a hospital via ambulance during a game against Arkansas State today after fellow coaches noticed Pelini seemed off and was exhibiting flu-like symptoms.

ESPN reports that Bo Pelini was transported by ambulance to the hospital for testing in the middle of Nebraska’s 42-13 victory against Arkansas State, and defensive coordinator John Papuchis told the network that he suspected Pelini was ill after observing he was slightly subdued compared to his normal demeanor:

“Not that I knew there was anything wrong with him … He was just a little bit less vocal than he normally is.”

Papuchis, who shared responsibility for coaching with offensive coordinator Tim Beck for the game after Pelini fell ill, said that he considered the situation from the perspective of a friend and not a colleague when the decision was made to summon assistance for Pelini:

“Bo is as close to me as anybody … so my initial reaction was more as a friend than business colleague. I had to compose myself for a second because of my concern for his well-being. At the end of the day he would want nothing other than for us to go out and perform as well as we possibly could, so you have to pull together and go to work.”

Ultimately, the decision did not affect Nebraska’s ability to go on and win the game without Bo Pelini’s coaching in the second half. Still, after the big win against Arkansas State, Papuchis referred to the past few days as a “trying and emotional week.”