Emma Watson Flashes Some Skin Again, This Time On Purpose

After a wardrobe mishap earlier in the week that left actress Emma Watson showing a little more skin than she intended, the Harry Potter alumnus attended the Cinema Society’s special screening of The Perks of Being a Wallflower Thursday in yet another dangerous number that left very little to the imagination. No wardrobe malfunctions this time around. Watson rocked this skimpy dress on purpose.

On Monday, Watson suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the Los Angeles premiere of Wallflower when her low-cut halter dress shifted, revealing a flesh-colored pastie. It became known as “the pastie heard round the internet” (okay, I just made that up) with media outlets jumping all over the story in the days that followed. To her credit, Watson handled the fashion faux pas with genuine aplomb, and her Thursday appearance might be seen as sort of a sexy redemption for Monday’s foul, reports NY Daily.

The 22-year-old British beauty donned a white Brood dress that showed a generous amount of skin while still leaving Watson looking quite fashionable. Photographers captured a confident-looking Watson, showing that even a slight wardrobe mishap isn’t enough to keep her down (or from showing off her figure) for more than a few days.

Ironically, Watson has expressed her paranoia regarding wardrobe malfunctions in the past.

“Yeah, I have to (work with a stylist) at this point,” she told Glamour magazine. “Just practically, these gowns are ridiculous. You’re being photographed from every angle, so not only do you have to consider how the thing looks, but whether you’re going to be able to sit in it and whether people are going to be able to see up your skirt.”

Looks like Watson fired her Monday stylist and hired a new one by Thursday. Good move, Hermione!