‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Veto Results, Paulie Calafiore Wants All-Guys Alliance, Nicole Franzel Targeted [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers from Tuesday morning (July 19) are already causing some internet buzz. Current Head of Household Paulie Calafiore is working with Paul Abrahamian now, and the pair was hashing out a lot of long-term plans in the HOH room. A report from Joker’s Updates reveals that the discussions took place for about an hour on the BB18 live feeds with an all-guys alliance proposed, an order of eviction devised, and a plan to break up the showmance between Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel laid out.

The entire discussion between Paul and Paulie began with a short-term plan on who they want to be evicted (in order) from the BB18 house. Following the planned eviction of Tiffany Rousso on July 21, they want Da’Vonne Rogers, Bridgette Dunning, and Frank Eudy evicted in successive weeks. The plan doesn’t take into account that the Battle Back competition is coming, when one of the first five evicted houseguests will get to re-enter the game. That could certainly throw a wrinkle into these plans.

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A primary component of these latest Big Brother 18 spoilers is that it appears Paul Abrahamian and Paulie Calafiore are working to create a final four alliance of just guys. The plan would be for Paul, Paulie, James Huling, and Corey Brooks to be the last houseguests in the game. A report from Joker’s Updates seems to confirm this plan, which won’t be well-liked by the four women they plan to involve in a final eight plan. That would entail Nicole Franzel, Zakiyah Everette, Michelle Meyer, and Natalie Negrotti making it into the final eight of the season.

For this plan to work, all of the showmances would have to be broken up. It doesn’t sound like an easy plan to convince Corey to accept, especially with all the extracurricular activity he was enjoying with Nicole under the covers Monday (July 18). James would also have to turn away from Natalie right after their relationship appeared to grow even stronger on the live feeds. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, James and Natalie had several long discussions about their relationship, leading to Natalie alluding to another houseguest that it could continue outside the BB18 house.

Circling back to the primary Big Brother 18 spoilers from the last few days, the Week 4 Veto results have come in from viewers watching the live feeds. Heading into the Veto competition, the three nominees for eviction were Tiffany Rousso, Natalie Negrotti, and Corey Brooks. Corey ended up winning the Power of Veto, and then at the Veto ceremony, he took himself off the block. Since he was the Roadkill nominee, the Roadkill winner had to make a new nomination for eviction.

Tiffany won the Week 4 Roadkill competition, and after Corey has given himself safety, she nominated Da’Vonne Rogers for eviction. This was certainly a bold move by Tiffany, who was trying to take some of the heat off herself. Since the Veto ceremony took place, Frank Eudy has been stumping for Tiffany, trying to show other houseguests how this could be the best opportunity to get Da’Vonne out of the BB18 house. He doesn’t have enough support to save Tiffany yet, but he is still working on that goal.

There are just over 50 hours until the “live” eviction show takes place on Thursday, July 21. It gives the BB18 house a lot of time to go through a flip similar to what took place last week. Is there enough time for Tiffany Rousso to again get saved from the eviction meeting with host Julie Chen? Will the latest Big Brother 18 spoilers lead to several showmances taking a back seat in the name of winning the $500,000 prize? Stay tuned fans, because things are about to get very interesting inside the house.

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