Hundreds Of Previously Unreleased Kate Bush Photos Published

Kate Bush, the English singer and songwriter, is well-known for her eclectic and experimental music through which she has unleashed the free spirit within her. The singer became a sensation in 1978 when she entered the music scene by turning the famous English novel Wuthering Heights into a passionate number. Since then, Kate Bush has continued to explore new horizons by creating everlasting pieces of beautiful music.

According to Jezebel, her performances have both theatrical and natural elements that strongly reflect Kate’s distinctly feminine outlook.

Like a mystical pagan angel, Kate sings sometimes strange but always creatively beautiful stories that are rendered from the bottom of her heart. Over the course of three decades, Kate Bush has become one of the most influential musicians of her time and her influence holds strong even today.

On July 16, 2016, thousands of dancers dressed in red and gathered at open air events all over the world to dance together to the beat of Kate Bush’s classic “Wuthering Heights.” The global dress up and dance event was organized to galvanize hundreds of Kate Bush fans to celebrate the iconic music video that propelled Kate’s career. The Age reports that thousands of enthusiastic people from all age groups assembled in Melbourne’s Botanical Garden to participate in the Melbourne leg of the “The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever,” an event organized to cherish the legendary Kate Bush and her music.

The thousands of Kate Bush fans leaped, twirled, and shook in their red dresses and Kate Bush look-a-like wigs. The Melbourne event was coordinated by Douglas Leitch, who was motivated to recreate the first mass “Wuthering Heights” reenactment that took place in the United Kingdom three years ago. Douglas took cues from a similar event planned in Berlin and decided to organize the Wuthering Heights reenactment to commemorate the Kate Bush classic. According to the Age, Douglas spoke out how happy Kate Bush fans were during the event.

“It’s euphoric, people are joyous. It’s exactly what we wanted. It’s a beautiful winter’s day, we can forget about the events of the world.”

Melbourne’s blue skies and sunny weather provided the perfect backdrop for fans to let their hair down and enjoy themselves at the event in red sleeveless dresses and red stockings. For many people, the event was a perfect opportunity to get together with like-minded people at a time when terrible events are occurring around the world. For others, the experience was merely the opportunity to relive their earlier years and satisfy their sense of nostalgia. The child-friendly Kate Bush and her beautiful songs formed a big part of the childhood memories of many people.

Kate Bush’s beautiful music is not only original but also has a stunning visual aspect to it. According to The Quietus, Guido Harari, Kate Bush’s photographer, is set to publish a book that will feature rare and unseen photographs of the British singer.

The book, which will be titled The Kate Inside, contains over 300 stunning images comprised of press shots, test polaroids, film outtakes and also personal notes by Kate Bush. The book, set to be released in bookstores in September, features over 100 photos that have never previously been released. Guido was commissioned to work for Kate Bush from 1982 to 1993, so all the photographs in the book were captured during the “Babooshka” singer’s golden era.

The book will also have a deluxe edition with a foreword be written by Lindsay Kemp, Kate Bush’s mentor. Although an official publication date hasn’t been announced, eager readers and fans can pre-order the book now and can expect the book to be available in September. Additionally, fans can attend a related exhibition that will coincide with the book’s release, to be held in London at Art Bermondsey’s Project Space.

[Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]