'Pokemon Sun' And 'Moon': Six New Alola Pokemon Confirmed By Pokemon's Official Site

The Pokemon Sun and Moon info dumps just keep coming, and the Pokemon Company have just blessed us with yet another juicy package of brand new game details: six brand new Alola Pokemon!

Wimpod, the first of the new Pokemon, is a water/bug type and looks to be based a mollusk or some other crustacean that dwells on the ocean floor. Its rather underwhelming-sounding ability, "Wimp Out," is new to the Pokemon universe. According to Serebii, the ability causes Wimpod to either flee or switch out for another Pokemon when its HP drops below half. Wimpod's name makes it seem like it must have an evolution -- it is very unlikely the Pokemon Company would call a final stage evolution a "wimp."

The second new Pokemon is a pure grass type, Bounsweet. Its simple red, green, and white design is based on a flower or fruit -- actually, it looks like a mangosteen. Bounsweet has the abilities "Leaf Guard" and "Oblivious," both of which have appeared in past Pokemon games.

The next Pokemon revealed is Comfey, a pure fairy type. Comfey continues the Pokemon Company's grand tradition of doubling ordinarily inanimate objects as Pokemon because its design is heavily based on a Hawaiian lei. Comfey's abilities are "Flower Veil" and "Triage." "Flower Veil" is an old ability, but "Triage" is new and sharply increases the priority of restorative moves. Sort of like "Prankster," but for healers.

The fourth reveal is Mudsdale, a pure ground type. Mudsdale is based on a horse and has the abilities "Own Tempo" and "Stamina." Again, Mudsdale's first ability is already part of the Pokemon world. "Stamina," which is new, increases Mudsdale's defense whenever he/she is hit by an attack.

The fifth and six Pokemon revealed were technically already seen before when they were revealed in this week's Corocoro leak (an event covered by the Inquisitr), but neither their English names nor the effects of their abilities were known.

First is the lovable-looking bear Pokemon Bewear, formerly known as Kiteruguma. The Pokemon is normal/fighting type, a never-before-seen Pokemon type combo, and has the abilities "Fluffy" and "Klutz." "Klutz" was present in past games. "Fluffy" halves the damage Bewear deals with attacks that make direct contact with an opposing Pokemon but also doubles the damage dealt by fire type moves. This strongly suggests Bewear will receive an evolution in Pokemon Sun and Moon, either normal Pokemon evolution or mega evolution, that is partially fire type.

The second of the Pokemon revealed in Corocoro and the last Pokemon unveiled in today's news dump is Mimkyu, who retains its Japanese name in the English versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is a ghost/fairy type, another unique typing, and it has the ability "Disguise," which is new. According to the Serebii page, the ability "allows it to escape damage from an enemy's attack just one time, and then its appearance changes"... whatever that means.

From the moment it was revealed, Mimkyu was a fan favorite, and for good reason -- its design is both totally distinct and very creepy! While Kiteruguma was not negatively received, the attention given to Mimkyu, with its unique typing and its terrifyingly provocative design, put the Kiteruguma hype to shame.

People loved Mimkyu so much, in fact, that fan art abounded, and many are praising it as a revolutionary new Pokemon that could change Pokemon as we know it if the whole "wearing costumes meant to mimic other Pokemon" gimmick is well-executed.
In addition to the six new Pokemon, the trailer revealed the addition of Hyper Training to Pokemon Sun and Moon. The new feature allows the player to train his or her level 100 Pokemon even further to increase IV stats. This has never been done in a Pokemon game and will continue the trend of making competitive Pokemon battling more accessible. It is safe to assume the additional training that Hyper Training entails will be similar to Super Training, a feature added in Pokemon X and Y, except, obviously, with stronger Pokemon only.

Lastly, it was announced that Pokemon players will be able to host their own tournaments and other competitions on the Pokemon Global Link.

Are you a fan of this newly announced batch of Pokemon? Which one is your favorite? Make yourself heard in the comments section below!

[Image via the Pokemon Company]