‘World Of Warcraft’ Revamped Wardrobe And Class Changes Live Today With ‘Legion’ Pre-Patch

After today’s maintenance, World of Warcraft players will log in to find the 7.0 update live. The pre-expansion patch for the game’s upcoming expansion, Legion, brings with it a plethora of changes. Most notably, major transmogrification and class changes abound, giving both new and existing players something to discover with the update.

As the last season of Warlords of Draenor PvP ends, the expansion is officially over with the release of the Legion pre-patch. The major changes in the 7.0 update mark the beginning of the sixth World of Warcraft expansion. In this first week of the pre-patch, players will find a completely overhauled transmogrification and wardrobe system alongside numerous class and specialization changes. Blizzard developers detail both rather well on Battle.net in the Legion pre-expansion survival guide.

World of Warcraft
The new appearances collection interface [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

All World of Warcraft players, no matter how interested they are in the feature, will benefit from the new wardrobe system. With the revamped transmogrification, players will no longer need to keep every item they wish to use the appearance of in their bags. Instead, as soon as a piece of gear is soulbound, that appearance is saved in the player’s wardrobe. A skin that is saved is usable by all characters on a player’s account that can naturally use that armor or weapon type. After an item is soulbound and collected, the piece may be sold or destroyed freeing up copious amounts of bag, bank, and Void Storage slots for appearance hoarders.

Of course, an ever greater reason to launch World of Warcraft today is the array of class changes. Each class and specialization has been affected by the 7.0 update. All of which are noted in the official patch notes with links to overviews for each class in Legion. For instance, Balance Druids will no longer manage and live by an Eclipse meter. Instead, these Druids will use Astral Power to control their abilities. Another example lies with Beast Mastery Hunters, who will find that their class relies heavily on Dire Beast and summoning more animals than just their primary pet. Moreover, Combat Rogues are now Outlaw Rogues with unique pistol abilities, and Shadow Priests will manage Insanity to become stronger.

Beast Mastery Hunters will focus on calling on aid from the wild [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

All classes are changed by the update; however, some are more drastic than others. Also, it is important to note that weapon Artifacts are not yet live in World of Warcraft. Each specialization’s unique Artifact weapon is not obtainable until Legion launches in August. The upcoming Demon Hunter hero class is also not yet available, although those that pre-purchase Legion will gain access to the class before the expansion releases.

“All classes and specializations have undergone changes to abilities and mechanics. Check out our class preview logs for a better understanding on the thought process behind these changes.”

This week, players can discover the new transmogrification and class changes, and in time, the pre-patch’s other features will go live. Demon invasions will usher in the expansion’s launch before it launches on August 30. As The Inquisitr reported, the invasions will begin no later than August 17 as the Burning Legion starts to sweep across Azeroth. Players can locate invasions via their maps, and travel to their locations to stop the threat. Loot and achievements await those who fight back.

During the first week of invasions, World of Warcraft players will fight the vanguard threat, and in the weeks thereafter, the invading foes will become stronger. Achievements for fighting back one invasion and participating at all invasion locations can only be obtained during the event. Not to mention, those that fight back during the pre-patch have a chance to loot Nethershards; a currency used to purchase potions, outfits, jewelry, and more. Battling the demon invasions can also result in receiving new item level 700 weapons.

However, those invasions will come in time. Until then, players can log in and enjoy the new transmogrification wardrobe system and the major class changes in World of Warcraft today.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]