Eminem: Possible Collaboration With This Child Pop Star Hinting At 2016 Album?

During the past few days, several prominent pop and hip-hop music news sources, such as Hall of Fame Magazine, have reported that Shawn Mendes, the 17-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter and self-professed Eminem fanatic, has expressed serious interest in collaborating on a track with Eminem, the reclusive rap god who many people were expecting to drop a new collection in 2016 even before the new info came out.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Mendes revealed that he and Eminem had not recorded anything yet, but an appearance in an Eminem track would be a dream for him and is definitely not off the table.

“I absolutely would [love that], we just haven’t had a chance yet to be in the same place at the same time to work on music. I’d also love to work with Eminem one day — that’s a big one for me.”

Mendes also emphasized how open he is to new and unexpected projects, continuing that he is working on a ton of new material right now and would be into working with Eminem even though the rapper’s style of music generally differs pretty severely from Mendes’s usual genre of soft RnB-like pop.

On the other hand, many Eminem fans point out, often with some disdain, on forums like Genius, Eminem’s music has been wandering into more pop-oriented territory in the past decade or so. In keeping with a hugely successful Eminem-fronted rap-pop combo plate like 2010’s “Love the Way You Lie,” which features Rihanna singing a sultry hook, Mendes’s inclusion on one of Eminem’s tracks seems entirely plausible.

The move would also serve as a great marketing move for the 43-year-old Eminem, who would love nothing more than to take on a young talent to cater to the teenage demographic that once made up the bulk of Eminem fans. Mendes is indeed very young — again, he is only 17 years old — and is rising in popularity very fast after he got his beginnings as a YouTube star. Mendes’s image is one of youthfulness and vitality, things that Eminem wants desperately to add to his singles.

Mendes is not the only one of the duo who has shown signs of a lot of recent activity, either; Chatt Sports Net reported just yesterday that Eminem updated his mobile app, Shady Wars, with a plethora of newly remixed Eminem songs.

This bit of activity from a rapper who has shown virtually no interest in updating his library in a very long time is an indicator that Eminem may be awaking from his PR slumber and finally getting ready to make some new — and very highly anticipated — music. Teaming up with a young and active industry superstar like Shawn Mendes would be a perfect way for Eminem to burst back into the public eye after fading from it for so long.

Other than possible collaboration rumors and unsubstantiated murmurings about his next album, there has been virtually no Eminem news as of late. There are a loot of Eminem fans out there, though, so it is no surprise certain dishonest “news sources” have been trying to take advantage of the lack of Eminem-centric news.

The main way in which this has been accomplished is by publishing many fake “news stories” about Eminem moving to a new town or city. As The Inquisitr went over in a recent piece about the proliferation of those false “Eminem is moving” pieces, none of the articles has a word of truth to it.

Eminem fans can only eagerly await official news of the rap god’s next album and hope it comes sooner rather than later.

Would you be hyped for an Eminem-Shawn Mendes collaboration? Eminem fan or not, make yourself heard in the comments section below!

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]