Blake Lively’s Daughter Thinks Jimmy Fallon Is Her ‘Dada,’ And It’s Adorable

Blake Lively returned to The Tonight Show on Friday after she appeared on the show a couple of weeks ago, and she discussed the fun times she’d had with the cutout Jimmy gave her of himself when she was there last time. Because Jimmy knew Blake would be coming back on the show, he gave her the cutout so she wouldn’t miss him. Blake then broke off the cutout Jimmy’s legs by accident, but she still brought the cutout home to show to her husband, Ryan Reynolds, and her 1-year-old daughter, James.

When Jimmy asked Blake if it was fun having the fake Jimmy in the house, Blake actually confessed that it had caused some problems in her home. Showing a cute home video she took of her daughter in front of the cutout it was revealed that James thought Jimmy was her “dada.” Poor Ryan!

“It’s a little confusing,” Lively said about the cute incident. “Even backstage [James] goes ‘Dada,’ like on the first day and ever since then it’s been ‘Dada,’ so I think I should do a paternity test.”

Jimmy then hilariously let Blake know that his show was the wrong show for that and they’d have to go to Maury to get that done. The two then went on to show what other hijinks the Jimmy cut-out got into at the Reynolds house. Although it was supposed to be Blake that took photos with Jimmy No. 2, it was Ryan who had a blast with the cutout.

First, there was a picture of Ryan and Jimmy No. 2 getting ready to drink some Scotch together. As the photos continued, it was clear that Ryan (and Jimmy) was making his way through the bottle. As the photos went on, Ryan got progressively drunker and ended up taking his shirt off while Jimmy No. 2 looked perfectly fine, as cut-outs tend to do.

“I don’t know why you’re undressing my husband,” Blake said laughing. “He’s going to be pregnant with your child soon.”

While on the show, Lively also teamed up with Jimmy to play a game of Password against the band Good Charlotte. Although the game was very close, Good Charlotte won 11-9 with the word “chuckle.”

Fashion post photobombed by my brother, Mr Reynolds, and two questionably shaped light fixtures. ????????????

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Blake also discussed her second pregnancy. Back in April, rumors began to swirl that Blake and Ryan were expecting their second child, and it seems the rumors were true. Blake looked positively stunning in a gorgeous gown that showed off her baby bump while still making her look as flawless as usual. Lively didn’t say when she’s due, and it’s doubtful that she will. She and Ryan are pretty private when it comes to their personal lives and choose to keep their kids out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Lively did discuss the unfortunate problems that come with being pregnant in July in New York, however.

“It should be illegal to be pregnant in New York in July,” Lively said. “I swear I’m gonna make my water break just so I can cool down.”

Although Lively would love some relief from the extra heat that comes with her pregnancy, her daughter is loving it. Blake says James even knew Blake was pregnant before Blake did.

“She sort of told me before I even knew,” Lively said. “She was walking around kissing my belly saying, ‘Baby.’ But now every time she sees any one else with a belly she says, ‘Baby.’ Which is a little embarrassing.”

It’s clear that James can’t wait for her younger sibling to arrive, and neither can we. There’s no doubt Blake Lively’s newest addition to the family will be just as adorable as James.

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