Sextravaganza: What Is It And Why Is The University Of Utah Hosting The Event?

Sextravaganza has been advertised as an exploration of the interconnectedness of atheism, faith, and sexuality. The free event at the University of Utah is hosted by the Secular Humanism Inquiry Freethought (SHIFT) college group. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the September 15 event co-sponsored by the Secular Student Alliance and Humanists of Utah will feature three speakers.

SHIFT President Adam Isom reportedly hopes that Sextravaganza will offer new perspectives on religious and common social mores when it comes to sexuality, according to The Blaze.

Isom had this to say about the University of Utah event:

“I hope that people realize there are these sort of invisible cultural scripts about what’s taboo to either think, do, or talk about, and also scripts about what’s normal.”

Sex & God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality author, psychologist Darrel W. Ray will be offer the keynote address at the forum. Atheist blogger and book author Greta Christina is expected to discuss the topic of the sexual morality ideas of traditional religion and offer an atheist alternative to those concepts.

University of Utah psychology professor Lisa Diamond is expected to pontificate about gay marriage. Diamond studies sexual development and relationships. According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, the professor will likely discuss the topic of advocacy of same-sex marriage and that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality.

SHIFT co-founded Jason Cooperrider expects a crowd of up to 500 at the Utah Sextravaganza meeting. According to The Blaze, some students believe that given the social issues slated to be discussed at forum, it is a timely event.