Kroger $60 Coupon: Company Confirms Facebook Coupon Is A Fraudulent Scam

Glenn Hadley

Kroger came forward this week with an official statement on Facebook, confirming the existence of a fraudulent coupon circulating via social media.

The fraudulent Kroger coupon offers consumers that chance to save $60 on a minimum purchase of $70.

"Fake coupon alert! There's currently an unauthorized 'FREE $60 Kroger Coupon' offer floating around. It's not real! We don't recommend engaging with the site(s) that offer links to the coupon, or providing them with any personal information. Our team is actively working with Facebook and domain service providers to address the concern."

For example, perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the fake Kroger coupon is the large Kroger logo and tagline "Great Food. Low Prices." The fake coupon also comes with a paragraph full of fine print and a UPC bar code. The proposed expiration date of July 31, 2016, presents the sense of urgency that many companies use to appeal to consumers - even if the offer is not legitimate.

— Logan Franks (@LoganFranks44) July 15, 2016

For instance, pay attention to the company's anniversary. According to the heading of the Kroger coupon post, the "impressive" offer was designed to celebrate Kroger's 130th anniversary. According to an old article published by the Florence Times, B.H. "Barney" Kroger opened the very first Kroger grocery store in 1883. Therefore, the company essentially celebrated its 130th anniversary nearly 3 years ago.

— (@courierjournal) July 14, 2016

The website classified the fake Kroger coupon as part of the "Company Anniversary Free Product" scam.

"The primary form of free product fraud is the 'sweepstakes scam,' which is intended to lure victims into completing numerous surveys, disclosing a good deal of personal information, and then agreeing to sign up for costly, difficult-to-cancel "Reward Offers" hidden in the fine print. The scammers spread links via e-mail and Facebook that purport to offer free product to those who follow those links."

— Mark Morrow (@mmediamarko12) July 13, 2016

— Wake up Women Group (@Wakeupwomengrp) July 13, 2016

[Image Credit: AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File]