Sally Struthers Arrest: Actress Denies Drunken Driving Charges

Two-time Emmy Award winning actress Sally Struthers has denied allegations that she was driving drunk despite the fact she was arrested by police in Ogunquit, Maine Thursday for DUI.

According to a statement from the Ogunquit Police Department, Struthers, 65, was arrested around 12:20 am on a criminal OUI (operating under the influence). Police have not said what specifically led them to arrest Struthers.

Following her arrest, the All in the Family star was then transported to the police station for processing and was subsequently released on $160 bail.

“Sally is working and she is fine and she loves The Ogunquit Playhouse and her yearly time in Ogunquit. We deny these charges,” her representative told Us Weekly after news of the arrest broke.

Ace Showbiz reports that Struthers was in town for her annual performance in Dolly Parton’s play 9 to 5, the musical at the Ogunquit Playhouse.

“Sally considers Oqunquit to be her second home … she loves being here,” Bradford Kenney, the Playhouse’s executive artistic director, told the Portland Press Herald in 2007. “She’s an absolutely wonderful person. The town loves her, the audience adores her,” said Brian Munger, head of maintenance at the playhouse while directing traffic outside the playhouse. “I hold her in the highest regard.”

It’s unclear at this time whether her arrest will have any impact on her work with the Playhouse.

Struthers is due in Maine’s York District Court on December 13. If she is found guilty of OUI, she faces a $500 fine and 90-day license suspension.

It’s the first time she has faced the court on any charge.