'NCIS' Season 14 Updates: Who Are The Two New Series Regulars Joining The Team?

Alexandria Ingham

NCIS Season 14 may not have Tony DiNozzo, but there are already various others coming in as series regulars. Wilmer Valderrama has already been confirmed as one, and now there are two others joining the team. One of the newcomers is someone mentioned as a possibility towards the end of Season 13. Here's a look at the two new series regulars joining the NCIS team in fall 2016.

The first is MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, played by Duane Henry. Fans have already meet Clayton in NCIS as he was a recurring character during last season. There were expectations for Henry to join the regular cast along with Sarah Clarke, who had a recurring role as an FBI agent. Clarke decided not to take up the offer to become a series regular, but Henry was happy to.

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However, there is also confirmation that Gibbs will choose NCIS Special Agent Alexandra Quinn to join his team, according to Christian News Today. Alex Quinn is the second series regular joining, played by Jennifer Esposito, who is best known for her roles in Blue Bloods (where there was controversy over the way she left) and Mistresses. Alex is an experienced agent, who decided to leave the field at some point and is now a Law Enforcement Training Center instructor. It is possible that Gibbs will talk her into coming back into the world of NCIS.

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Very little is known about how the two characters will become main characters in NCIS Season 14. However, at least they have names with a little backstory, and one is already seen on the show.

Valderrama was one of the first actors confirmed to come to the show as a series regular, just after Michael Weatherly's departure. However, his character currently doesn't even have a name. All that is known is fans will see a different side to the actor, suggesting that he will not have a comedic role. Fans have wondered how the comedy will be brought back to the show, though, with Weatherly's departure. There was a promise that the show would get back to its light-hearted roots.

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