'Ghostbusters' Spoilers: Is There An After-Credits Scene In The Latest Remake? A Guide To All The Easter Eggs And Cameos

Does the Ghostbusters reboot have an after-credits scene?

Anyone following along closely knows that the rebooted movie will have plenty of call-backs to the original series, including cameos for many of the actors who starred in the 1984 original. But fans heading out to the new movie will want to know if it's worth sitting through all 117 minutes to see if there's an extra scene tucked into the very end.

The all-women remake of the comedy classic has been generating attention for months now, with plenty of strong opinions on the merits of re-booting a well-loved comedy with a female cast instead of a male one. With passions running so high --- and many fans apparently a bit defensive of a classic movie from their youth --- the makers of the latest Ghostbusters movie were sure to add plenty of references to the original and cameos for the original characters.

[WARNING: There are some Ghostbusters spoilers ahead]

The leaves a movie filled with fun Easter eggs --- which is a term in the movie industry for hidden surprises for sharp-eyed viewers --- and an after-credits scene that rewards fans willing to wait it out to the very end (there's more information about the after-credits scene below).

WhatCulture tracked down all 29 Easter eggs hidden in the latest Ghostbusters movie, including where to spot the actors from the original series.

One of the biggest spoilers has already been included in the Ghostbusters promotional material. In a scene showing Kristin Wiig's character (Erin Gilbert) working in an empty lecture hall, there's a mathematical formula that spells out ParanormalStudiesLab.com, which takes people to a promotional website that shows all the Ghostbusters technology. It's also a reference to the academic department where Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, and Egon Spengler all work at Columbia University before losing their jobs and becoming the Ghostbusters.

Even the conclusion of the latest Ghostbusters movie has a nice callback to the original, Inverse noted.

"We now have three Ghostbusters movies, and three movies in which the third acts are highlighted by gigantic things stomping through New York City. Much like the evil Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in the original, the reboot's manic bad guy Rowan (Neil Casey) uses his supernatural powers to embody the very iconography of the Ghostbusters logo, manifesting himself into a gigantic Godzilla-like ghost that sets out to destroy the city."
Moviegoers hoping to see some familiar faces will be pleased as well, with actors Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Sigourney Weaver making an appearance. There's even a bust of the character played by the late Harold Ramis, Peter Venkman. There's a full list here of where to find all the cameos.

But one of the coolest references to the original movie is in the Ghostbusters after-credits scene, and it could be setting up for a potential sequel that pulls even more from the 1984 Ghostbusters. As the Wrap noted, it shows all the Ghostbusters back at their headquarters after having saved New York City from ghost annihilation.

"While McCarthy, Wiig and McKinnon fiddle with gadgets, Jones' character Patty sits analyzing audio tapes for suspicious frequencies when she picks up on a strange noise.

"'What is Zuul?' Jones asks, as her partners give a collective shrug."

For those who may not remember, Zuul is the all-powerful entity that terrorized New York City in the original movie, leading to the climactic final battle. It's not clear if this is actually setting up for a sequel or just throwing in one final joke for viewers willing to sit through all the credits.

Those who want to find a full list of spoilers and Easter eggs in Ghostbusters can find it here. Some more information about the Ghostbusters after-credits scene can be found here.

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