Today Is National Hot Dog Day, And You Can Score Free Hot Dogs

Today is National Hot Dog Day, and you can score free hot dogs depending on where you live. Additionally, July is National Hot Dog Month, and you’ll find lots of freebies, hot dog deals and sales throughout July.

When it comes to food that symbolizes American culture, the hot dog often comes to mind, along with apple pie. Often served at baseball games, sporting events, barbecues, and cookouts, Americans love hot dogs. Let’s not forget the annual competitive eating sporting event that takes place on Coney Island each Fourth of July. From Nathans’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest to the backyard cookouts during the summer, hot dogs hold a permanent place in American life, and there’s no better time to celebrate hot dogs than in July and on National Hot Dog Day.

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council established July 14 as National Hot Dog Day, and they offer resources for consumers and retailers who want to celebrate National Hot Dog Month and National Hot Dog Day. You can download a free Hot Dog Month planning guide from the official site.

National Hot Dog Day is getting a lot of attention on social media networks, and photos, videos, and comments are being shared with the hashtag #nationalhotdogday. In addition to photos of people simply enjoying eating hot dogs, you’ll also find many companies promoting their free hot dog deals. Everyone can celebrate National Hot Dog Day, as there are many vegan hot dogs that are perfect for those who don’t eat traditional hot dogs but still want to celebrate.

Pilot or Flying J is giving a free hot dog to customers who print a free coupon. You can access the coupon here: Pilot or Flying J giving away free hot dogs for National Hot Dog Day.

When finding free hot dog deals for National Hot Dog Day, don’t overlook your local restaurants and bars. While many national companies and food chains participate in national holidays by giving away free food and drinks,you might be surprised how many local deals are available that don’t always promote their offers through social media.

Hot Dog on a Stick is giving away a free turkey or Veggie Dog in honor of National Hot Dog Day.

Although many Americans associate the hot dog as a U.S. treat, it is popular worldwide. According to the Hot Dog and Sausage Council, sausages were described as early as the 9th century in Homer’s Odyssey, and the hot dog dates back to at least the 1600s. While there is some debate over where and when the hot dog originated, there is no arguing that hot dogs are beloved by many worldwide. This graphic shows how hot dogs are served around the world.

Are you going to celebrate National Hot Dog Day today? Don’t forget to share your photos, stories, and videos on social media with the hashtag #nationalhotdogday or even #hotdogday.

[Image via PRNewsFoto/Hot Dog on a Stick]