July 13, 2016
CCTV Footage Captures Horrific Moment Woman’s Ankle Snapped Sideways While Being Brutally Attacked, Robbed By Group Of Teens

A shocking footage of a woman in Oldham, Greater Manchester, shows her ankle being snapped sideways as she was attacked and robbed by a group of teens, according to the Mirror. At approximately 12:20 a.m. on July 4, 43-year-old Emma Roughley and her boyfriend Tom Bebbington, 45, were walking home from a night out for drinks at the Junction Inn.

However, things took a turn for the worst when they came across a group of teen boys and girls at the Huddersfield Road, nearby Equitable Street. The 36-second CCTV footage captures Roughley as she is confronting the group of teens, who had already attacked her boyfriend.

Documents stated that before the woman's ankle was snapped sideways while being brutally attacked by a group of teenagers, Bebbington had already suffered a broken ankle and bleeding in the brain after allegedly being knocked to the ground by the group of teen boys and girls.

However, although Roughley appeared to be outnumbered by the teens, she showed no fear in confronting them about what they did to her boyfriend. But the CCTV footage shows that as she was confronting the teens, she was attacked by a female teen who came from behind her.

The teen punched Roughley with full force, knocking her to the ground, which caused the woman to drag her leg and ultimately break her own ankle.

As Roughley lie on the street with a broken ankle and in obvious pain, the teens rummaged through her pockets and took everything she had, including her wallet and mobile phone. However, before they calmly walked away, a teen was seen kicking the Oldham woman in the face one last time.

Emergency services later arrived at the scene and transported the couple to Royal Oldham Hospital to treat their injuries. According to the Manchester Evening News, Roughley sustained major injuries while being brutally attacked by a group of Oldham teens, and doctors "had to have pins and plates fitted into her left ankle."

The couple told reporters that they were in complete shock after being attacked by the group of teens, claiming the Oldham attack was the last thing they expected after a night out for drinks on July 4.

Bebbington stated that "this was just random, even the police are shocked. It's the mentality I can't understand, I can't believe people are like that in this day and age, we're shocked about it now.

"It is well worth letting people know that these people are in the area, it could have been a 70-year-old who they attacked."

He went on to say that "Emma will be off work for a minimum of eight weeks and we're fortunate that the work is quite flexible so she can do some from home.

"The people who have done it don't care about that though, they're just thinking about whatever the attack is for, whether it is for their next fix or something like that, they didn't even say anything to us, it was just wham-bam."
A detective, Kate Dawson, stated that "this was quite frankly a brutal attack on two unsuspecting members of the public. Our investigation is in the early stages and there are a number of lines of inquiry, which we are following but I would like to appeal to the public for their help.
"Although it was rather late at night when the incident took place, we are hopeful that somebody may have witnessed something that can assist with our inquiries."
Oldham police officials have yet to locate the group of teens that brutally attacked the couple, who both suffered a broken ankle and other injuries related to the attack.

If you have any information regarding the group attack on the couple Emma Roughley and Tom Bebbington, you are urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

The investigation is ongoing.

[Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]