Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston: The Pop Star Thinks Her Boyfriend Would Make A Great Dad

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s relationship seems to be moving faster than we thought. An unnamed source disclosed to E! News that the pop star not only views Hiddleston as “husband material,” but the two have discussed their “desire to have kids one day.”

According to the nameless source, the Thor actor is “the kind of a man she would want to marry.” They also added that Taylor Swift thinks her boyfriend “would make a great dad.” Though Hiddleswift has only publicly been an item for a month, the two have begun extensively discussing their future together.

“She has said he would make a great dad. They have talked about what they want in the future and kids are something that they would both like down the line. They have very real and serious conversations about life.”

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift are quite the cute duo. The nameless source mentioned that Swift is very fond of her boyfriend’s “English ways.” The pop star told one of E! News‘ source that “she loves his accent and thinks he is so sexy.” The anonymous person also added that Tom Hiddleston not only “acts very English, ” but he’s a “big tea drinker” as well.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have been rumored to be together for quite sometime. Once the two were caught and photographed smooching near Swift’s beach house in mid-June, they announced that they were exclusive. Since then, the couple has been moving pretty fast in their relationship. Less than two weeks later after getting together, the couple met and spent time with each other’s parents in both England and Nashville. Once they were done seeing each other’s families, they headed back to Taylor Swift’s beach house in Rhode Island, where they hosted a huge Fourth of July party. Apparently, the two weren’t shy about publicly displaying their affection for one another.

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift headed to Australia last week. Currently, Hiddleston is filming Thor: Ragnarok, the third installment in the series. The actor is reprising his role as Loki. While in Australia, Hiddleswift were spotted walking hand in hand to dinner.

According to E! News, another source disclosed that Taylor Swift “loves traveling with Tom.” The nameless person also added that the pop star says Hiddleston “makes her feel so safe” and explained what makes them a solid couple.

“They are the real deal…They laugh and travel well together. These past few weeks, they have learned many things about each other…she is getting very attached.”

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston seem to be quite in love. Apparently, Taylor’s beau gives her all the love and affection she has been looking for.

“Tom gives Tay more attention than any other man she has ever been with…He…is a very romantic and charming gentleman.”

Apparently, Taylor Swift’s girl squad also approves of Tom Hiddleston. Another insider on the pop star’s life said her Fourth of July party pals “all really like Tom and like how he treats Taylor.” While the gaggle of girls think the lovebirds romance is “moving fast between them,” they’re not too concerned since “they never have seen her this happy.”

Taylor Swift is crazy about Tom Hiddleston. The second source told E! News that the pop star “can’t stop talking about Tom.”

“It’s an ongoing conversation with the girls on how happy she is. Tay has mentioned numerous times how ‘in love’ with each other they are.”

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift have seemed to be enjoying their time together in Australia. Though the two have been busy while there, Hiddleswift still finds time to spend together, claims a third source.

“It looked like they had a little down time together and have walked out together a few times since they have checked in”

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