WWE Rumors: Backstage Concern Vince McMahon Could Turn Sour On Finn Balor & Derail His Main Roster Push

WWE has a potential superstar waiting in the wings. Finn Balor seems destined to be a major star for WWE, especially after seeing the way he took over NXT this past year. His main roster debut has been imminent for quite some time, but there have been rumors that it has been debated about and delayed because no one in WWE wants to derail his push.

Next week is the WWE Draft, and the brand split will become official the night after WWE Battleground next weekend. The latest round of rumors have claimed that Balor will finally be making his long awaited debut during the WWE Draft, which would make him a part of Stephanie McMahon’s Raw or Shane McMahon’s SmackDown.

Either way, the expectation from the vast majority of the NXT and WWE Universe is that Finn Balor is going to be a superstar for WWE. However, there could be some backstage concern that Vince McMahon could derail Balor’s push once he is on the main roster. Some people are concerned that Balor could go from being a megastar to just another NXT guy on WWE’s main roster.

Finn Balor Celebrates With the NXT Crowd

According to a rumor from Cageside Seats, the plan is for Finn Balor to receive a massive push when he does debut on the main roster. If the rumors are true and Balor debuts during the WWE Draft or after WWE Battleground, that would give him the opportunity to have his first WWE PPV match at SummerSlam, where he can debut “The Demon.” That’s a fantastic idea.

However, there is some talk that Balor has been labeled a “Triple H guy,” which would make The Game the driving force of his push, which Vince McMahon could disagree with after a few months. There is a lot of concern with WWE officials backstage that McMahon could sour on Finn Balor rather quickly and derail his push as a top superstar for WWE.

There have been many examples of a WWE superstar’s main roster push being derailed because Vince McMahon didn’t understand the appeal of the former NXT star. Most recently, this has happened with Apollo Crews over the past several months. He was called up after WrestleMania when a lot of people questioned if he was ready, but he didn’t get the reaction that many in WWE

Crews was called up after WrestleMania, but he didn’t get the reaction that many in WWE expected. Since then, some reports have revealed that Vince McMahon and others aren’t sold on him because of his in-ring work and on-screen character. That’s just one example, but many within WWE are concerned that could happen to Finn Balor.

Finn Balor Shows Off the NXT Championship

No one on WWE’s main roster today has had a stronger run in NXT than Finn Balor. A lot of people questioned if Apollo Crews was ready for the main roster. No one who has seen his transformation on NXT over the past year is questioning if Finn Balor is ready for WWE’s biggest stages.

The concern for Balor is warranted because Triple H, other WWE officials, and the vast majority of the WWE Universe look at him and see a future WWE megastar. A lot of people just want to see Finn live up to his high potential because he is a game changer. He’s a first draft pick if you’re Shane or Stephanie McMahon. That’s how good he can and should be for WWE.

If there is genuine concern that Vince McMahon will derail Finn Balor’s push before it ever really gets started, it’s only a matter of time before Finn Balor debuts on WWE television. After that, it shouldn’t be long before Vince becomes a fan like the rest of the WWE Universe.

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