Moscow Batman Fighting Crime? Supposed Real-Life Caped Superhero Calls Himself ‘Reaper’ [Video]

Moscow residents reportedly have a real-life Batman fighting crime in their area. An unidentified man who calls himself “Reaper” and dresses in a Dark Knight Batman costume is reportedly taking crime-fighting into his own hands. Rumor has it that he’s cleaning up drug houses, beating up drug dealers, and has reportedly made sure that dozens of criminals were brought to justice.

According to a quote attributed to the Moscow Batman, “This is only the beginning.”

As Mysterious Universe reports, the mysterious masked Moscow Batman calls himself “Reaper – humanity’s first superhero.” The local media in his corner of the world, however, calls him the “Khimki Batman.” In early June, the caped Moscow Batman was reportedly spotted by a taxi cab driver entering a “well known” drug house in the Khimki suburb in the middle of the night. The cabbie, a man named Slava, recorded the incident on his cell phone when says he heard screaming and the sound of a struggle coming from the house.

Slava says he saw the Moscow Batman walk out of the house while throwing a flaming object.

Slava the cab driver reports that local Moscow cops showed up on the scene a short time after he spotted the mysterious Batman figure hastily taking off. When the authorities got to the “drug house,” they allegedly emerged with two men, both in handcuffs, and both of whom had apparently suffered from a beating. Despite the success of his drug house shakeup, it reportedly took local media quite a while to get a hold of the vigilante Moscow Batman. Eventually, the Russian newspaper Moskovskij Komsomolets was able to publish a letter, reportedly from the Moscow Batman (the newspaper allegedly got it from the police), in which he tells the world his mission statement.

“You don’t know me, and it is unlikely you have heard about me. I call myself Reaper, and for the past six months I have been struggling with the disease that has long been plaguing our society – crime. I fight drug dealers, rapists and gangs.”

The Moscow Batman (or self-titled Reaper) even has a Twitter page. According to the social media platform, he joined in May, 2016. It is on his Twitter page that law enforcement and private citizens alike can contact the vigilante if they need help. Or just want to send the Moscow Batman a tip or two.

According to the Moscow Batman, he has already taken 40 criminals off the streets. That number hasn’t been independently confirmed, but if it’s anywhere close to the truth, it’s pretty impressive.

Since the Moscow Batman was caught on camera in June, the local newspaper has reported on his exploits. His foray into the drug house, which was reportedly a known local “shooting gallery” was even documented on video. Or least the exit was. Since then, he has been getting a bit of traction on his Twitter page.

Despite making his presence known, nobody (at least publicly and/or officially) knows the real identity of the Moscow Batman, a man who refers to himself only as Reaper. Even though he’s reportedly been caught on camera doing his thing, many people believe that the Moscow Batman could be nothing but a rumor.

Local police are certainly not confirming any of the accounts of the purported superhero.

What do you think? Should the potential existence of the Moscow Batman make local residents in the suburb of Khimki feel safer? Should law enforcement and the public be worried that there could be a vigilante on the loose, meting out his own brand of justice? Is it possible that there’s some kind of Peter Parker/Spider-Man situation going on, what with the cab driver catching the Batman-bedecked, self-described superhero in the act?

Do you think the reports of a Moscow Batman are reality or the stuff of contrived tabloid fantasy?

[Image by tavizta/Shutterstock]