Gaurav Tiwari: Ghost Hunter Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances In India

Gaurav Tiwari, a 32-year-old ghost hunter from India, is reported to have died under mysterious circumstances last week. According to The Hindustan Times, Tiwari, who is also the founder of the Indian Paranormal Society, was found dead inside a bathroom in his home in Dwarka, near the country’s capital, New Delhi, on Thursday of last week.

What makes Gaurav’s death strange is the fact that there were people inside his home when he died. Relatives say they heard a loud noise and a thud from a bathroom inside the home at around 11 a.m. on Thursday. When they reached the bathroom, Gaurav was found unresponsive, lying on the floor. There was a thin black line running across his neck as well. He was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital. However, doctors were unable to revive him and he was declared dead shortly after admission.

Following an autopsy, Gaurav’s death was declared to have been caused by asphyxia. This is a condition in which the body is deprived of oxygen for a considerable amount of time, resulting in unconsciousness and then death. Meanwhile, a police investigation has also been launched into the incident. They are initially treating the incident as a suicide. However, family members argue that Gaurav was perfectly fine and cheerful before the incident that led to his death. In fact, a Facebook post made just a day before he died showed him on the cover of a magazine.

Meanwhile, Gaurav’s wife has, in a shocking revelation, told police officers that a “negative force” was pulling Gaurav towards it for the past few months. She added that Gaurav had confided the same to her and that he did indeed, fear for his life. She did not take the issue seriously and brushed it aside as work stress that was making him feel uneasy. Gaurav had only married her in January. Apart from his wife, his father, too, strongly believes that a paranormal entity is behind Gaurav’s death.

Gaurav, who also happens to be commercial pilot, became interested in the world of the paranormal when he was in the U.S. for his commercial flight training in 2007. He had, in several interviews, mentioned that his interest in the paranormal started after he and his friends moved into a home in Florida that was reportedly haunted. Gaurav claims to have witnessed several unexplained phenomena while living there.

After coming back to India, he decided to enter the world of the paranormal full time and went on to establish the Paranormal Society. Gaurav has been called in to host several programs on paranormal research — including one reality TV show on MTV India. Apart from being the founder of the Indian Paranormal Society, he also headed G.R.I.P, an academy under which he trained other ghost hunters interested in the field.

GRIP Academy claims to be an online portal that aims to “educate, train, and condition Paranormal Investigators.” The description on the G.R.I.P website reads, as follows.

“We educate and train people in metaphysical subjects to make them help improving the human condition, and to contribute to the field of human empowerment. All our courses are non-religious, i.e. We don’t bring religious point of view to train our students. All our courses are designed to give students a sure shot spiritual, mental, psychical, and personal development. We focus on making one realize the true inner potential they hold in life. All GRIP certified students are professional, ethical, educated and self complete. GRIP Academy is a private non-academic online training portal and not affiliated to any academic organization.”

Do you think Gaurav’s mysterious death can be attributed to some paranormal force?

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