‘No Man’s Sky’ File Size Is Small On Disc, Devs Already Working On First Update

No Man’s Sky is one of the most anticipated games of the last few years, and it turns out it won’t be much of a load on your console if you buy it on a disc.

Now that No Man’s Sky has officially gone gold, which means the title is complete and ready for sale, Hello Games isn’t resting on its laurels. The Hello Games team has said they are already hard at work on what they are calling Update 1.

There aren’t any details as to what this Update 1 is going to be. It’s possible this will be a day 1 patch. It’s also possible the team is already wanting to get new content for No Man’s Sky in the hopper as soon as possible. If there is new content, it will be interesting to see whether it will be free, or whether Hello is already working on DLC packs to be purchased.

The title is first going to be coming to the PS4 and the PC. At the moment, it’s not slated for the Xbox One, though rumors have been rampant of possible future plans.

Sean Murray, who is the lead programmer for Hello, announced the fact that the team was working on Update 1 on Twitter. VG247 has speculated the update could be the much talked about the addition of VR support. There has never been any confirmation this will be included in the game. At the same time, those who have gotten an up close and personal look at No Man’s Sky say it’s one that is ripe for a VR adaptation.

Not long after Sean Murray announced his team was done building their upcoming title, he also announced how much room it will take up on your PS4 hard drive. At least he announced how much storage the retail disc version of the game will take.

The size of the game file that will install on your PS4 in disc form is just 6 GB. That’s incredibly small in this day and age when it’s not uncommon to find game file sizes upwards of 20 GB. Part of the reason No Man’s Sky has such a small memory pull is because it’s an online only game. Murray himself tweeted out that a lot of the file size was being taken up by audio.

The saga of No Man’s Sky has been an interesting one. When it was first announced and showed off a few years ago at E3, it immediately became the talk of the video gaming world. After quite a long time, when there wasn’t anything resembling a release date, the company finally said the title would be available at the beginning of June 2016.

A few months before Hello Games was set to deliver on the promise of its space odyssey, it had to delay release. Despite the frequency of launch dates getting pushed back these days, this announcement was met with scorn, rage, and even a couple of death threats.

Some of those death threats were even aimed at reporters who wrote about the delay rather than the people who could have an affect on the launch date. No Man’s Sky has made some nervous since it was first announced because of its massive scale and the hype surrounding it. The delayed release seemed to increase the trepidation.

Now that Hello Games has said it has officially “gone gold,” attention can be turned to sitting and waiting for us to get our hands on the title. The question remains: Can the game live up to its hype? No Man’s Sky is due for release for the PS4 and PC on August 9.

[Image via Hello Games]