‘No Man’s Sky’ Release Date: Gameplay Trailer For PS4 And PC Title As Development Is Complete

Following a series of delays faced earlier this year, development on one of this year’s biggest titles, No Man’s Sky is complete. One of the biggest games of 2016 will be available to play on the Sony PlayStation 4 and PC on August 9. The news follows previous fears that No Man’s Sky would be further delayed after the development process faced several hitches.

However, those fears aren’t to be materialised. According to Attack of the Fanboy, development of No Man’s Sky is complete and the game has officially gone gold. The news was shared by the game’s creator on Twitter, along with a photo of the development team gathered to celebrate No Man’s Sky‘s completion. Also placed prominently in the aforementioned photo is the first physical disc that holds the entirety of the game, not too dissimilar to the disc that gamers will be purchasing No Man’s Sky on when it releases this August.

The news marks the end of a four-year development process for Hello Games, the small indie studio behind the release of No Man’s Sky. The title was initially set for a 2015 release. However, a series of delays saw the release pushed back to June of 2016 before a final date of August 9 was confirmed.

Anticipation around the upcoming release of No Man’s Sky is undeniably very high. The title is set to be one of the PS4’s biggest releases this year, and that’s no surprise when you consider the scope of what Hello Games are attempting to achieve with the release of No Man’s Sky. The game presents players with a procedurally generated open universe that they’re then free to openly explore, survive, fight, and trade within. Much like Minecraft, No Man’s Sky doesn’t tell players what to do and instead allows them to follow their own path.


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As aforementioned, across the development process, No Man’s Sky has had something of a bumpy ride, facing several delays. Whilst many of these delays were undeniably down to resource restrictions and time constraints, Hello Games has also faced legal issues with the title.

According to IGN, the studio recently settled a three-year legal dispute with Sky TV over the use of the word “Sky” in their game. The dispute was finally settled in favor of the development studio, who were allowed to release their title as No Man’s Sky. However, that doesn’t mean the legal dispute wasn’t a serious affair. In 2013, Microsoft was forced to change the name of their Skydrive service to Onedrive following a legal dispute with Sky Broadcasting Group over their ownership of Sky branding.

IGN have followed the title closely since its original announcement, regularly featuring gameplay of the title. In fact, further gameplay footage was released not long prior to the game’s completion, providing a clear picture of exactly how the final release of No Man’s Sky will play.

No Man’s Sky is set to be released on PlayStation 4 on August 9, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PC version is set to be released on the same day. However, distribution will be handled by iam8bit. Either way, there’s no denying the gravitas of excitement around the release of No Man’s Sky and the completion of a four-year development cycle. The release is also exciting news for the indie video games industry, as No Man’s Sky has the potential to become this year’s biggest video game release.

[Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment]