Lee Min Ho Losing Out To Song Joong Ki?

South Korean actor Song Joong Ki seems to be following in the footsteps of his fellow actor Lee Min Ho. Scanning through the duo's timelines, it appears that Song Joong Ki's rise to fame is similar to that of Lee Min Ho. However, the Descendants of the Sun actor seems to be faring way better than his fellow Hallyu star Lee Min Ho.

Song Joong Ki has been getting more endorsement projects than the Boys Over Flowers heartthrob. Recently, the China Internet Information Center (CIIC) revealed Song Joong Ki's staggeringly salary from his endorsement deals in China.

According to a report by Yibada, Song Joong Ki is earning $2.46 million in light of a six-month contract period, which is far higher than what actor Lee Min Ho makes. Song Joong Ki is capable of earning a staggering high amount of $53 million.

Several advertising agencies have signed up Song Joong Ki to be their brand ambassador after the massive success of his military romance Descendants of the Sun.

An official from Song Joong Ki's agency, Blossom Entertainment, humbly admitted that the actor is receiving offers from global advertisements and CFs for local brands.

"There are many articles making a guesswork on Song Joong Ki's pay, but we can't give you the exact amount," a representative from Blossom Entertainment told Sports Chosun, as reported by All K-pop.

"But it is true that he is receiving many offers from global brands both domestically and internationally."
Song Joong Ki recently endorsed several brands, including Kolon Sport, which manufactures outdoor and sports clothing. Thanks to the actor, Kolon has seen sales of its new line of running shows, Sox, soar by a whopping 300 percent since its release on March 17.

LG Household & Health Care has hired Song as a model for its commercials for its toothpastes Perio and Bamboo Salt. Dongwon F&B, a food manufacturer, has chosen Song Joong Ki as a model for its canned tuna. Hite Jinro, one of the nation's largest distillers, hired him as a new face to represent its beer brand Hite.

Recently, smartphone manufacturer Vivo also signed Song Joong Ki as its brand ambassador. The actor also melted many hearts when he appeared in the TV commercial of Baskin Robbins ice cream.

Both Song Joong Ki and Lee Min Ho started off as TV stars. And today, they are both doing movies. While Lee Min Ho is enjoying the success of his just-release action comedy Bounty Hunters, Song Joong Ki is shooting for his up comic historical movie Battleship Island.
The only difference between the two actors is that while Song Joong Ki enlisted in the mandatory military service, Lee Min Ho is yet to do so—most probably early next year, according to a report by Drama Fever.

His agency MYM Entertainment, however, revealed that Lee Min Ho, "will serve as a public service officer regardless of whenever he decides to begin his military service." The agency also went on to hint that Lee Min Ho's enlistment might not be too far off stating, "We are looking at early next year."

Lee Min Ho's unfortunate history of car accidents and physical injuries might prevent him from taking up active soldier duty. However, Lee Min Ho will be enlisted as a public service officer.

MYM Entertainment has not made it clear if Lee Min Ho will resume his acting career during that period. The long absence of Lee Min Ho might only pave way for further success of Song Joong Ki. There are already talks doing the rounds that Song Joong Ki has another movie project, besides Battleship Island and the rumored big screen version of Descendants of the Sun.

Both Song Joong Ki and Lee Min Ho are romantically linked to actress Song Hye Kyo.


[Photo by Kin Cheung/AP Images]