Song Joong-ki Intends To Keep His Relationship Under Wraps

Korean drama Descendants of the Sun was a phenomenal success across Asia. While this mini TV series gave a new lease of life to Korean show business, it also elevated the stardom of its lead actors Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo.

Today, Descendants of the Sun has a huge fan following even in the United States.

The on-screen chemistry between Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo was so adorably spectacular that fans of Descendants of the Sun wanted the duo to get together in real life too.

The hashtag #SongSongcouple has been trending on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ever since the military romance started airing on KBS2 in February.

Although the mini K-drama series ended in April, social media sites are rife with rumors that Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are dating in secret.

Actress Song Hye-kyo, however, confirmed that she is not dating Song Joong-ki.

Fans, however, are not convinced because the Song-Song couple were spotted hanging out together in many places, including New York.

Song Joong-ki recently told Soompi that even if he were in a relationship, he will make sure he keeps it under wraps.

“I have no plans to go public if I get into a relationship. I will do my best to preserve the emotion for the person that I like, but I also want to keep it secret for that person,” said Song Joong-ki.

Both the stars have only good things to say about each other.

According to a report by Couch Kimchi, Song Joong-ki in an earlier interview said, “I felt really happy to be able to film together with Korea’s most beautiful actress. Everyone thinks it’s because of her outward appearance that she became famous, but after working together, I realized her inner heart and personality are also good. Moreover, she has lots of acting experience and I actually did learn a lot from her.”

In an interview with Korea Times, Song Hye-kyo said that Song Joong-ki was a well-mannered young man.

“Song Joong-ki is known for his sincerity and manners. The total shooting period for the drama was nearly double that of the other dramas. For the whole six months, Song Joong-ki could have been edgy and lost his temper, but he didn’t. He is younger than me, but I thought I learned many things from him. He did his job perfectly in the drama, and he is such a great person,” said the actress.

“When I first read the script, I thought that this drama’s success depended on how the lead actor plays his part and he made it possible. He played his role so attractively that it even made my heart flutter. That led to the unexpected response from the viewers,” Song Hye-kyo added.

While actor Song Joong-ki is getting ready for his next movie, Battleship Island, actress Song Hye-kyo is waiting for the perfect offer. Although she was showered with many projects after the completion of Descendants of the Sun, she says that she wants to do a role that people will remember her in good light

“I have no idea yet. I did get a couple of offers, but I still can’t bring myself to read a new project. Rather than a drama, I think I may pick a movie. If I were to do a drama again, I would really like to work on a fatal melodrama. Like a love that can’t be? I await a project where I’d have to deeply invest my emotions,” Song Hye-kyo said, according to a report by IBT.

It remains to be seen whether Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo will get together for real.

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