‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: July 10 Episode Addresses ‘BB18’ Rumors, Live Feed Spoilers

This Big Brother 18 recap comes from the Sunday, July 10, episode of the show. Many BB18 rumors and spoilers had already been prevalent on the live feeds, but the latest episode allowed CBS viewers to catch up a bit. The main focus of this installment was to reveal who got nominated for eviction and who won the Week 3 Roadkill competition. In addition to that, some of the Big Brother 18 spoilers about the behavior of Frank Eudy in the house were revealed. Now CBS viewers understand why live feed viewers have turned on Frank.

The July 10 episode opened with a recap of Bridgette Dunning winning the Week 3 Head of Household competition. Bridgette is a member of the Spy Girls alliance with Bronte D’Acquisto and Natalie Negrotti. This gave the women a great chance to make a bold move in the BB18 house, but Frank Eudy had other ideas. Frank was quickly in the ear of the new HOH, steering her in a specific direction when it came to the Week 3 nominations. He ended up getting exactly what he wanted out of the situation.

At the nomination ceremony, Tiffany Rousso and Paul Abrahamian found out they had been nominated for eviction, with Bridgette giving the typical speech of a houseguest not really sure why she was making those choices. That might be the focal point of this entire Big Brother 18 recap, as Bridgette was having her entire HOH controlled and she was too slow to react to what was taking place. That made it even worse when the results of the Roadkill competition came up later.

For the first time this summer, producers finally started showing the behavior that has turned many people in the BB18 house against Frank Eudy. This included his negative comments about women and their bodies, his unwanted touching of other houseguests, and exactly how he has been acting on the live feeds. It’s possible that many CBS viewers finally got to see the “real Frank Eudy” during this episode for the very first time. While fans who keep up with Big Brother 18 rumors and live feed spoilers already knew about all of it, this could serve as a stark awakening for television viewers.

Following the nomination ceremony, more negative video of Frank is shown, with the anger among other houseguests growing after he smacks Da’Vonne Rogers and Zakiyah Everette on the butt. He explains it away by saying he also does this to his mother, but it doesn’t quell the growing frustration most of the women in the house have with Frank. It almost seemed like the entire episode was dedicated to Frank Eudy, because he would be an important part of the Roadkill competition as well.

Frank would end up winning the Week 3 Roadkill challenge, giving him the chance to make another nomination. In this particular Big Brother 18 recap, Frank decided to target Bronte D’Acquisto. This may have been a huge mistake because it woke up HOH Bridgette Dunning to what he is doing in the BB18 house, especially since Bridgette and Bronte are in an alliance together. But is it too late for Bridgette to regain control of her own HOH run? Or will this turn into a week where Frank gets his target evicted?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Veto competition has already taken place, and the Veto ceremony will be held on Monday, July 11. That information will be revealed during the Wednesday, July 13, episode of the show. More Big Brother 18 spoilers may also come up as well, including who the BB18 houseguests have decided will become the main target for eviction during the Thursday, July 14, episode.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]