Racist Doll Prompts Investigation At Southern California Hospital

An investigation has been launched at a Southern California hospital after workers found a racist doll with the words “N— Hang” written across its chest. NBC News reports that the display was found in an area that’s only accessible to employees of Kaiser Hospital Riverside, which leads officials to believe this could have been an inside job. It is currently believed that the doll was directed towards someone who works in the IT department.

Employee Xavier Fields discovered the doll near his workstation when he arrived at work early one morning. “It’s somebody who works within. It’s a locked area. You don’t go back there,” he explained. Instead of turning the doll over to police, Fields alerted management to the discovery.

In response to the doll, officials at the hospital have launched an investigation into the matter. “We are moving to investigate the matter and will take appropriate action. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination in our workplace and will take all appropriate measures to address the full scope of this situation,” the company said in a statement.

Xavier Fields and the African-American employees at Kaiser Hospital Riverside aren’t the only ones who received a very racist doll by people who should probably know better. Earlier this year, singer Janet Jackson received a “golliwogg” — a stuff toy inspired by a 19th century children’s book character — from a fan who described the doll as lifelike. After receiving the gift, Jackson took to her Twitter page to share the experience with her fans.

“During the tour, I was given this doll named Maria. She was advertised as lifelike. How does Maria make you feel?” Janet reportedly wrote.

Not surprisingly, many of her fans were a little taken aback by the so-called gift. One individual remarked, “I think the doll is in very poor taste. You”d think in 2012 people would have much more class and not be so ignorant.”

To see a picture of the racist doll in question, pay a visit to NBC News.