Cape Cod: Mermaid Sand Sculpture With Big Bust Triggers Complaints [Video]

A mermaid sand sculpture outside a popular Cape Cod restaurant is triggering ire and complaints from customers and onlookers alike. The reason? The mermaid in question is a little to busty for the liking of locals and tourists, reports Mass Live. To be fair, the Cape Cod mermaid sand sculpture does feature some prominent breasts. However, despite their size, they aren’t nude, and they are made of sand.

According to the local Yarmouth, Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce, they have been dealing with numerous complaints regarding the size of the mermaid sand sculpture’s assets. Complaints got so bad and so serious that a local Cape Cod police department even opted to take photos of the offending mermaid from their Facebook page because locals found the artwork to be “offensive.”

The Cape Cod mermaid sand sculpture is no more nude than Ariel, the famous Little Mermaid of Disney fame. Indeed, the busty sand mermaid is wearing sand seashells. Despite her mermaid-appropriate attire, locals and visitors to Cape Cod find her voluptuous sand breasts to be more than decency allows.

The sand mermaid is just one of 41 sand sculptures current featured prominently around the Cape Cod town. She is part of the annual Yarmouth Summer Celebration.

The mermaid sand sculpture is located at Salty’s restaurant, a popular Cape Cod eatery, and according to the restaurant’s owner, he doesn’t understand the big deal being made about his mermaid sand sculpture. Indeed, Raymond Roy is pretty surprised that locals are kicking up such a fuss over a covered up pair of sand breasts.

“It’s crazy that this has stirred up so much controversy, It’s covered, it’s not nudity and it shouldn’t be censored.”

While the restaurant owner doesn’t understand the offense that’s apparently been created by the Cape Cod mermaid sand sculpture, local police did more than remove a photo of the busty sea maiden from their Facebook page. As Cape Cod Times reports, local police chief Frank Frederickson actually issued a public apology for ever displaying the pic in the first place.

“Our apologies for posting the Salty’s Diner mermaid sculpture. It was removed from this site due to complaints.”

According to the police chief, removing the photograph from the department’s Facebook page wasn’t a matter of censorship. Rather, he said it was about making sure that his constituents were comfortable and unoffended when they browsed the department’s social media page.

“(Censorship) was certainly not our intent. It conflicted with some people so we took the picture down and replaced it with another one.”

The Cape Cod mermaid sand sculpture was created by a team of sand artists from New Hampshire, including Greg Grady. It is one of many of the dozens of local sand sculptures that was displayed on the police department’s Facebook page. When multiple people complained about the “indecency” of the busty mermaid, however, the decision was made to remove the photograph and replace it with another, less-offensive sculpture.

Despite the plethora of complaints about the mermaid sand sculpture, many Cap Cod locals have come out in support of the artistic endeavor. According to reports, it was a sand depiction of the restaurant’s logo which features a woman riding a lobster.

And, after all, it’s only a pile of sand.

“It’s a work of art, absolutely. It’s cool.”

In fact, some locals took a trip to Salty’s just to see what all the buzz was about. Even the local women who went to check out the sand sculpture couldn’t find anything to complain about, despite the mermaid’s ample proportions.

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

What do you think? Is the Salty’s mermaid too risqué to be displayed in public? Is she in good taste or does she push it too far? What do you think about the Cape Cod mermaid sand sculpture scandal?

[Image by Shutterstock]