‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Nicole Has Embarrassing Accident, Natalie And James Have Intimate Chat, And Frank Expresses Disdain For Former Houseguest Dan Gheesling [Spoilers]

The Big Brother 18 live feeds were active quite Sunday morning, giving viewers a glimpse of Nicole having an embarrassing accident, and Natalie giggling and whispering with James in the skybridge area of the residence. Later in the day, however, drama ensued, as Frank expressed his disdain for famed Big Brother player Dan Gheesling.

At around 2:45 a.m. Pacific Time, James made Nicole laugh so hard she unceremoniously wet her pants and ran out of the bedroom. James yelled, “Ewww, she’s dripping on the floor!” according to Joker’s Updates. Of course, Frank had to chime in and call Nicole disgusting.

Nicole then asked Zakiya for a Ziploc baggie and Corey requested, “Can you bring her a diaper, too?” Joker’s Updates reports.

An hour or so later, Natalie and James were seen on CBS All Access live feeds laying on pillows the floor, touching on various subjects including James finding Natalie “hot.” What made the conversation a bit more uncomfortable is the fact that earlier in the evening, as reported by Inquisitr, Corey told Nicole that Natalie had said she didn’t really like James.

If this is truly the case, Natalie did not let on one bit that she had any sort of dislike for James on Sunday morning. Instead, Natalie told James she has been honest with him, thus, James broached the subject regarding a rumor going around the house. James said he’s heard that Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette have a three-girl secret alliance called “Power Puff Girls.” Natalie blew the alliance off laughing at the name and said, “No. We’re best friends.”

Of course, fans of Big Brother 18 know that the three women do have an alliance called the Spy Girls, which Natalie did not reveal to James.

Natalie reassured James that her closest allies in the house would not come after him because they know James is good to her and that Victor really hurt her feelings. As reported by Inquisitr, Corey revealed to Nicole Saturday night that Natalie getting into bed with him was the reason Victor ended his short showmance with Natalie in week 1.

At one point, Natalie explained to James that she doesn’t trust Frank, but told James she pretended to appreciate Frank helping keep her safe this week, telling Frank he’s a “good guy.” In response, James spoke to the live feeders jokingly saying, “America, watch out for this girl right here. Sneaky, sneaky,” as Natalie giggled away. James then said, “I got to watch my back,” and Natalie noted, “You don’t have to. I would defend you no matter what.”

James asked shortly thereafter, “What’s going on between me and you?” and Natalie answered, “I don’t know.” James then said, “I don’t know either.”

Clearly, if Natalie really doesn’t like James at all, she is leading him on intentionally to get further in the Big Brother game. However, “game” is the operative word, as the entire show and social interaction within the house is part of a game. So, in some ways, Natalie may be playing it the way she believes will advance her to the end. Only time will tell how Natalie really feels, but according to what Corey has said, all of her moves in the house with James may be strategic.

Later, on Sunday afternoon, Frank began to unkindly reminisce about his first season on the show in Big Brother 14. One of the coaches that season was renowned player and previous Big Brother winner, Dan Gheesling, who made it to the final two that year.

According to Joker’s Updates, Frank was “angry about Dan not being humble” and about Dan “spraying mist” or using his powers of persuasion to win over the crowd “at a Seattle live event.”

Bronte jumped in asking whether Frank was speaking about “…the famous Dan?” and noted she had read about Dan’s funeral (a famed ploy Dan used during Season 14 when he was about to be sent home, but the stunt persuaded his fellow players to keep him around for at least another week).

Frank seemed to become even more agitated by Bronte’s remarks saying Dan’s funeral had no impact and that even though Dan swore on the Bible that season, he actually “ratted” on other players.

Joker’s Updates reports that Michelle began to stick up for Dan, stating she believes he is an “awesome player” and that “she hopes she meets him.” Frank interjected with, “I always saw right through him,” adding he thinks Dan is good at manipulating the weak-minded.

As Michelle continued to praise Dan, Frank became more and more angered. He snapped at her, calling her “unreasonable” and claimed “she doesn’t see the positive side of things,” according to Joker’s Updates. Michelle then called Frank out, saying he and his coach in Big Brother 14, Mike “Boogie” Malin, talked negatively during their season.

Frank retorted, saying to Michelle, “This is why I’m voting you out when I get the chance because you’re so unreasonable.”

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