‘Royal Fizz-Fixer’: What It Takes To Make Kate Middleton Look Like Royalty

When the entire world is watching, you definitely do not want to have something stuck in your teeth. Luckily for Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, she has an entire team of people designated to make sure her teeth stay food-free and her hair sleek, amongst other things. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – formerly known as Prince William and Kate Middleton – are currently traveling on the Diamond Jubilee South Pacific Tour. The Examiner reports that the Duke and Duchess will be representing the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee, and that “by the end of the year, all of the Queen’s 16 Realms will have enjoyed a royal visit, including the Queen’s own extensive tour of the United Kingdom.” Definitely not a good time to have a hair crisis or miss a luncheon, but the pressures to be perfect from head to toe can be overwhelming, even for a Duchess.

That’s where the K-Team comes in. A royal source revealed to Today that amongst the men and women who make the way smooth for the royal couple is Amanda Cook – previously entrusted with the locks of William and Harry – whose sole purpose on the trip is to keep Kate’s hair “frizz-free in the tropical heat.”

Other members of the team include Rebecca Deacon, the Duchess’ assistant private secretary. Deacon, according to Today, “takes care of organizing events, and handles a lot of details – she mights even carry a spare lipstick if need be. She will be … in the background but very much involved.”

Speaking of lipstick, you might be wondering who has honor of traveling as the Duchess’ makeup artist. Well, no one does. Kate takes care of that herself. Today’s source confides that Kate “took lessons from professional makeup artist Arabella Preston in preparation for the royal wedding, and now takes care of herself, to get the natural look she likes.”

Of course, a huge amount of luggage is involved in a royal excursion such as the Diamond Jubilee (especially considering Kate’s affinity for fashionable headwear.) Much thought and planning goes into the wardrobe of a royal, and Kate is no exception. A source tells Today that the couple’s entourage includes an army corporal who “is in charge of logistics – among other things, he makes sure that luggage gets where it is supposed to.