‘Little Women LA’: Terra Jole Says Briana Renee’s Marriage Problems Caused Tension With The Cast

Little Women LA is returning to Lifetime on Wednesday. When the group comes back for Season 5 of the hit reality show, there is no doubt that Briana Renee’s cheating husband Matt Grundhoffer will again be the topic du jour. Due to their constant marital problems, Terra Jole recently spoke out and claimed that Briana and Matt are making things really tense with the rest of the cast.

It looks like this season will pick up right where they left off a few months ago when Briana and Matt were featured in the Ride or Die special that put a spotlight on their marriage problems. Fans saw Briana tell Matt that he needed to leave so that she could “breathe,” but it was pretty obvious that the door was left wide open.

The Little Women LA cast has a lot more to share than Briana and Matt’s ongoing marriage problems which pretty much all can be blamed on some sexting and cheating allegations that have been waged against Grundhoffer in recent months.

The Inquisitr even reported that fans will get to see the transgender model who claims Matt had been sending her some inappropriate messages while Briana was pregnant. The clip is said to be airing around episode five or six and Plastic Martyr may be called back to film more scenes as well.

Speaking of pregnancies, since Season 4 ended, Briana Renee gave birth to her son Maverick Jax. Elena Gant also had twin boys within days of Briana’s baby news and there are more Little Women LA babies on the way. Jasmine Arteaga Sorge recently announced her pregnancy and Terra Jole is also expecting. There has got to be something in the water on the Lifetime reality show set because everyone is having babies!

You’d think with all of the new babies and with even more pregnancy announcements, the drama of Briana and Matt’s marriage problems would be old news but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Terra and Briana used to be best friends and according to Reality Tea, their relationship is still in a bad place. Terra Jole has said that she wants to save her longtime friendship with Briana Renee but with Matt in the picture, that might be really hard. Terra is one of Matt’s biggest critics and has been very vocal about wishing that her former BFF would move on from the serial cheater.

“Is her life my life? No. But if that’s what makes her happy, then she needs to go for it. But, it’s definitely caused tension in the group.”

Instead, it looks like Briana Renee has let Matt Grundhoffer back into their home and Terra Jole has everything to say about it. In a recent interview with Radar Online, Terra broke down her relationship status with Briana. Despite voicing a desire to get past Matt’s past indiscretions in order to fix her friendship with Briana, Terra still had a lot to say about her dislike of the man.

“Do I think Matt’s a good guy? Probably not. Would I put him in my best husband list? Hell no!” Terra said about Briana’s husband. ”

It’s clear that Terra Jole would prefer that Briana Renee find someone better suited for marriage. Just in the short time that Briana and Matt have been married, he has admitted to cheating on her and he’s had the explosive sexting scandal. Not to mention that Matt was previously arrested after he was accused of strangling another girlfriend.

In the end, Terra Jole admits that staying married to Matt Grundhoffer is her choice and that she will just suck it up in order to remain friends. It’s understandable how the situation could make for some pretty tense moments among the Little Women LA cast.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]