Coconut The Poodle: Long-Lost Poodle Reunited With Owners 6 Years After Disappearance [Video]

A long-lost poodle was recently reunited with her owners 6 1/2 years after the dog wandered away from her home in Los Angeles, California.

According to King5 News, Seattle couple David and Sara Lukas hadn’t seen their pet poodle Coconut since the pup disappeared while they were living in Los Angeles in 2006.

At the time of her disappearance, Coconut was just a year old. The loss devastated the couple who treated the animal, as many dog-lovers do, like their own child.

“I’m one of those people who thinks that animals are children and this was a child I worried about for 6 years,” said Sara Lukas, who put up flyers, posters, made t-shirts and bumper stickers, in hopes of tracking Coconut down. “‘Is she okay? Is she being taken care of? Is she dead, is she alive?'”

Nearly seven years after Coconut’s vanishing, the Lukas’s received a phone call with news that they never expected to hear: Someone had brought the poodle to veterinarian in Los Angeles, who then scanned the dog’s microchip to discover her owners.

On Tuesday, Coconut made the nearly 1,300 mile flight from L.A. to Seattle, where she was reunited with David and Sarah.

“Still trying to wrap my head around it,” said David Lukas.

While it still remains unclear who had Coconut over the last 6 years, the Lukas’ say they are trying to focus on the positives, that they’ve been reunited with a long-lost family member, instead of worrying about a mystery that they will likely never solve.

“Basically, we want to spoil her for the rest of her life as much as possible,” said Sarah Lukas. “Lots of sleeping on the bed, lots of treats.”

King 5 has more on the heartwarming homecoming of Coconut the poodle in the video below: