‘Heathers’ Reboot Coming To Bravo TV

The cult 80s flick Heathers is set for a sort-of reboot, but with a few material differences from the original.

Heathers starred Winona Ryder as the main character Veronica, a student at Westerburg High and part of a clique of girls all named “Heather.” When Veronica is threatened with social ostracization by the lead Heather for her unwillingness to have sex with a college boy at a party, a prank she and new, rebellious student JD (played by Christian Slater) decide to play on Heather results in Heather’s death.

Heathers was a very dark part of pop-culture in the 80s that transcended a box-office failure to become a VHS success (in the days before DVD and VOD), and the film is one of the most prominent vestiges of the decade. And now teens of the 2010s will be getting their own version with a new small-screen spin-off of the quarter-century old film.

While it’s difficult to imagine Heathers being as dark and acerbic on network TV, the new Heathers will cite the source material as kind of a sequel. But this version centers on Veronica’s daughter 20 years later, who is confronted with the clique of Heathers’ daughters in her high school — all named Ashley.

VP of scripted development and production at Bravo Andrew Wang commented on the Heathers reboot and additional scripted productions coming to the network:

“Through our growing slate of scripted development, we plan to build upon the success of our award-winning unscripted programming, accessing and exploring new worlds and characters while still engaging the same affluent and pop culture savvy audience that watches the Real Housewives and Top Chef … We’re excited to partner with such high-caliber talent in developing TV that pushes boundaries conceptually and thematically while still telling a fun story in the way that our audiences have come to expect from us.”

The Heathers TV reboot is expected to air next year.