‘Dear White People’: Thank You, But This Is Not The Way — #CutForBlackLives

A new hashtag has surfaced regarding Black Lives Matter. It’s called #CutForBlackLives, and boy is it wild.

There’s no clue on who started the trend. However, several black Americans are calling it insane, crazy, and illogical.

It seems that various people are cutting themselves as a method to feel the pain that black Americans have felt throughout American history.


While it would be great to receive reparations, such as that similar to the Native American and Jewish communities, cutting yourselves is just not the way.

The black community is more than willing to unite with all Americans to combat injustice and enjoy humanity without biases or colors.

And although black lives matter, “white people,” we’re not asking you to dice yourselves.

Mind you, the sentiment is admirable.

However, those energies could be used a bit differently.


It’s difficult to unite if you’re already bleeding out beforehand. Please stop this trend.

Via Twitter, you can clearly see that people are cutting themselves “for black lives.”

These photos are not edited.

They’re real life.

Disclaimer: The following photos contain graphic, bloody images. Viewer discretion is advised.

What you’re about to see may disturb some audiences. But please know that this is not what Black Lives Matter is asking.




As a guide to help black lives that matter with peaceful protests, here are some ways you could assist the efforts to achieve racial justice without harming yourselves.

Peaceful Protests For Black Lives Matter Here’s a Black Lives Matter protest. As you can see, these people have the right idea. Uniting without bloodshed is the goal. [Image via Instagram screenshot]Peaceful Protests For Black Lives Matter II Here’s another great example of a Black Lives Matter peaceful march. This happened in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 8. [Image via Instagram screenshot]If you look closely, you can also see a man holding a sign which reads “End the Bloodshed.” That, my friend, is the point. The Black Lives Matter movement simply wants the bloodshed to end.

That includes yours.

And if there are anymore ambiguities about peaceful methods, there are others.

Recently, protesters boycotted different establishments in Louisiana. You’ll see from the photos below that businesses decided to shut down early.

The idea is, when you start affecting people’s money — whether individually or professionally — people actually start to listen.

Peaceful Protests For Black Lives Matter III Allegedly, Black Lives Matter protesters boycotted the Mall of Louisiana. And, supposedly, this was the affect of a day of boycotts. [Image via Instagram screenshot]Did this mall boycott actually happen? Apparently so.

Days ago, The Advocate reported that there was a plan to boycott the establishment. So, it seems that the boycott was a success in its purpose.

Nevertheless, another great example is just the simple act of assuring things are fair and just.

Peaceful Protests For Black Lives Matter IV This man saw a man in distress and decided to step in as a bystanding witness. [Image via Facebook screenshot]The logical consensus from this post’s comment section is that Frank Lowe stayed around to talk to the man after the police officers left the scene. This is how he obtained the preliminary information.

If it were one officer in the discussion, that’s fair.

Two officers? Okay, sure.

But, five officers? That’s excessive intimidation, don’t you think?

Black lives do matter, indeed. And of course, all lives matter. Yet, all lives don’t go through the particular troubles that black lives do, in America. This has been seen throughout American history, both told and untold — recorded and erased.

Saying that “black lives matter” should not be confused with saying “only black lives matter.”

Those phrases are not the same and have two totally different meanings and tones.

This, as in the photo below, is not the request for black lives.


Again, the compassion and understanding is admirable. The black community is thankful for your comprehension, as well as your rallying support.

However, we’re asking you to stand and unite with us against injustices against black Americans. We’re not asking you to hurt yourselves.

All in all, what are your thoughts regarding this trending topic, #CutForBlackLives? Another derivative of the trend is #CuttingForBlackLives. And it’s the same type of photos. Very concerning.


So, yeah. The gesture is appreciated.


“White people,” stop cutting yourselves. Just stand up for equal, unbiased justice for black Americans.

Why are white Americans — who are dressed in American colors while holding guns — called a “patriot,” while black Americans who do the same are called “thugs.”

The Second Amendment is the same for U.S. citizens, regardless of color, yes?

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Spencer Platt/Getty Images]