Clooney Keibler Breakup Denied By Star’s Rep

The rumors of a George Clooney Stacy Keibler breakup are untrue, a rep for Clooney says, despite a story in Brit tabloid The Sun indicating the pair had split after Clooney once again declined to “settle down” and get married.

George Clooney, 51, is in large part known for his disinclination to get hitched and his rotating stable of female companions. The tabloid claimed a pal of Keibler’s had dished on the 32-year-old wrestler’s alleged split from Clooney, and blamed the actor’s notorious fear of commitment as the culprit in the pair’s supposed breakup.

According to the pal, Keibler wanted to settle down and Clooney didn’t want to relent:

“Stacy hoped they would be together long-term. It was a big breakthrough to spend time with his parents. But over the last few weeks George has pulled away from her.”

The Sun predicted a statement “any day” from Clooney and Keibler flak confirming the split, painting Keibler as heartbroken about the situation.

And a statement did come from reps, but not to confirm a breakup. According to Stan Rosenfield, who represents Clooney, the Clooney Keibler breakup tale was created from whole cloth, specifically for the purpose of boosting sales:

“A story published by a London tabloid, The Sun, concerning George Clooney and Stacy Keibler is not true … [It’s a] total fabrication designed to sell newspapers.”

Rumors intensified when Keibler was snapped out at Fashion Week without the Clooney accompanying her. When asked whether her boyfriend planned to attend the shows, the wrestler is said to have snapped at reporters, telling them to “ask him” themselves.

Do you think George Clooney and Stacy Keibler are a good Hollywood couple?