NBA Rumors: Derrick Williams Signing With Miami Heat, Leaving New York Knicks

It can be pretty hard to find a home in the NBA. According to CBS Sports, Derrick Williams will be signing with the Miami Heat as a free agent. He only spent one season with the New York Knicks before needing to find another place to continue his basketball career.

Despite being the second overall selection in the NBA Draft in 2011, Derrick Williams has already played with three different teams. The former Arizona Wildcats star has had stints with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Sacramento Kings, and New York Knicks. Signing with the Miami Heat would raise that total to four.

Reports have surfaced that the Miami Heat have offered Derrick Williams a one year contract worth $5 million. That means that he will become a free agent in the NBA again next summer. With the Heat being in a reloading period with their roster, there’s a very good chance that they will let a lot of their own free agents leave after this upcoming season.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Derrick Williams was interested in joining the Miami Heat because he was looking for a place in the NBA that will enable him to showcase his skills so that he can capitalize on what should be a record-breaking free agency period next summer.

The Miami Heat have suffered quite a few losses during free agency. Luol Deng signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. Joe Johnson abruptly left for the Utah Jazz. In one of the biggest shockers in the NBA, Dwyane Wade decided to walk away from the only franchise that he has ever played for in the National Basketball Association.

As of right now, Justise Winslow is projected to be the starting small forward for the Miami Heat. However, he only has a year of experience in the NBA, so there will be moments where Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra will need a veteran to fill in when Winslow is struggling.

Miami Heat forward Justise Winslow
According to USA Today, Dwyane Wade signed a two-year contract with the Chicago Bulls worth approximately $47 million. He’s only worn one uniform during his lengthy career in the NBA, but all that is about to change now.

With the loss of their longtime franchise player, the Miami Heat are essentially in a reloading period now. Goran Dragic, Justise Winslow, and Hassan Whiteside will compete to see who becomes the new franchise player.

In addition to finding someone to lead to the franchise, the Miami Heat will provide plenty of opportunities for role players to step up and show that they are worth more than what was initially thought of them. Derrick Williams has a chance to prove that he deserves a permanent home in the NBA.

Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade
According to ESPN, the Miami Heat have signed Wayne Ellington, James Johnson, and Udonis Haslem to new contracts. The moves were done to help the franchise get over the loss of Dwyane Wade to free agency after more than a decade of stability.

Udonis Haslem was rumored to be on the way out. However, the Miami Heat decided to give him a $4 million contract to return for another season. Management is going to need his leadership. Haslem is no longer as productive as he used to be, but his presence enables the Heat to have some sort of continuity.

Derrick Williams is still trying to find a permanent home in the NBA. It may or may not be with the Miami Heat. However, Williams has found a place where he can showcase his skills in the upcoming season.

[Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images]