Prince William Wants Two Kids

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been spending the last few days in Singapore as part of the couple’s Diamond Jubilee tour of the country. And it seems like the visit has been quite liberating as it has allowed the heir to the English monarchy to air some home truths.

When meeting some of the locals, the Prince was asked how many children he would like, and he responded by declaring “he was thinking about having two.” There doesn’t appear to have been much of a discussion with his wife, but we can assume that they’re singing from the same hymn sheet.

Another incredible revelation from the pair came when they disclosed that their desired superhero power would be invisibility. When asked the question William replied, “That’s a hard question – I’m not sure. I’ll have to think about it,” before giving it a few seconds contemplation and responding, “I think invisibility.”

The duchess then decided that she would need the same advantage, otherwise the first offspring of Charles and Diana “would be able to sneak up on her.”

During the visit, the pair have planted a local tree and visited a Rolls-Royce jet engine factory where Kate completed the production of a Trent 900 engine. It has also seen a huge number of people turn out and wait over three hours to see the royal couple, with several of them fainting due to the incredible heat.

William’s remarks come only a few days after sources claimed Kate and William conceived their baby after the Olympic ceremony. That Danny Boyle sure knows how to get a crowd all het up, doesn’t he.