Learn How to Master Audrina Patridge’s “Ceiling Eyes”

Zipping through my usual Hills fix on MTV, I noticed something: not only has Audrina Patridge’s disconcerting stare been acknowledged on their company blog, it’s been suggested that it’s something I need to. . . practice? Too weird.

Remote Controlcaught my eye with a piece entitled “Audrina Patridge Masters Art of Sexy Stare (And Shares Her Secret!)”:

“Whether she’s rolling her eyes at Justin Bobby, bobbing her head at the weird shows or initiating mascara-streaming cryfests with her on/off BFF, Audrina Patridge never leaves the Hills‘ pad without a pair of skinny jeans and a fair amount of expertly applied eye makeup. […] That’s right, the buxom brunette is spilling the secret behind her smoky bedroom eyes and revealing her tips for applying dramatic eyeliner without accidentally landing yourself in the E.R.!”

So they’re saying it’s more than just looking at some random point on the wall? ‘Cause I don’t think that her “sexy stare” has anything to do with liquid liner.

Image: WireImage