Ted Cruz Endorsement For Donald Trump Forthcoming?

Former GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz has confirmed that he will speak at the GOP convention at the request of presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Does that mean his endorsement for the fiery billionaire will come out soon?

Allah Pundit called out Ted Cruz for being very ambiguous about his intentions when he accepted Donald Trump’s offer to speak. Of course, the repercussions are very real. If the endorsement is forthcoming, that means alienating his conservative supporters.

The political analyst believes that Ted Cruz is trying to have his cake and eat it, too.

“He’ll get up onstage and say in a thousand different ways that we can’t elect Hillary, we must unite the party, yadda yadda yadda,” Allah Pundit wrote. “But he’ll never actually utter the words ‘I endorse Donald Trump.’”

That should leave him a window to again depend on his supporters if he runs in 2020. Ted Cruz can then just tell his supporters that he never gave Donald Trump his endorsement during the upcoming GOP convention.

Allah Pundit said this was the same modus that the senator employed during the amendment of the Gang of Eight Bill in 2013, which sought to boost work permits for illegal immigrants. Back then, Ted Cruz described the bill as a “poison pill.”

If somebody had questioned his intentions, he could have just said that he “tried to increase work permits,” which wouldn’t be entirely false.

Following his meeting with Donald Trump on Thursday, Ted Cruz told reporters that their conversation was both “positive and productive.”

“There was no discussion of any endorsement. He asked me if I would speak at the convention and I said I’d be very glad to do so,’” he said.

Another statement sent out by his staff also did not mention an endorsement. Instead, Donald Trump apparently asked Ted Cruz about “his counsel on future judicial nomination.” For his part, the conservative senator said that “he would continue to do everything he can to help ensure principled constitutionalists on the courts.”

According to CNN, the meeting was facilitated by Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus. It was the first time that the two met after the hotly contested primaries. They were joined in the meeting by Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared. Also present was Jeff Roe, Cruz’s former campaign manager.

Meanwhile, Priebus described the meeting as very good, although he declined to give any details.

“I’ll just say they had a good conversation and it was very polite and cordial and normal,” the RNC chairman said. “I know they’re working on details.”

A spokesman for Donald Trump told CNN that the billionaire and Ted Cruz came to an understanding to “work together on policy issues where they share common ground.” The presumptive GOP nominee also asked the senator for some names that could potentially be recommended for the judiciary.

Lastly, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz reportedly agreed not to attack each other anymore in light of a continuing threat of Hillary Clinton against a GOP victory in the presidential elections.

Some pundits believe, however, that Ted Cruz got a sweetheart deal by getting into Donald Trump’s inner cabal without necessarily compromising his position among the conservatives. The situation would have been different if the senator had given his endorsement.

Again, Ted Cruz was being ambiguous on whether he will endorse Trump. While he’s not saying now that he will, he hasn’t totally ruled that out either.

However, it seems understandable if Ted Cruz is withholding his endorsement for now given what happened during the primaries when the campaign quickly turned ugly. Back then, the billionaire dragged the senator’s wife and father into the muck, accusing her of being ugly and accusing Cruz’s father of being involved in the assassination of JFK.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]