Kim Kardashian Obsessed With ‘Crazy Strict Atkins’ Weight Loss Diet Due To Kanye West Fat-Shaming?

Kim Kardashian has lost an impressive 60 pounds since she welcomed her son, Saint West, into the world in December. But just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean freedom to indulge if you’re Kim Kardashian. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star confessed on Snapchat that she is so obsessed with her weight loss diet that she avoided Fourth of July parties, reported ET.

“Stayed home today because I couldn’t tempt myself,” posted Kardashian.

“Two weeks crazy strict Atkins diet.”

In addition, Kim inserted a “no” symbol for junk food emojis. Her “no” food vows included an ice cream cone, package of French fries, doughnut and taco.

Kardashian also recently defended the hourglass shape of her body as it appeared in Fergie’s new “M.I.L.F.” music video. Some slammed her with allegations that her slender waistline resulted from the use of Photoshop rather than weight loss.

Kim Kardashian has lost 60 pounds, but she is determined to keep up her weight loss.

“F***YoPhotoshop #CorsetLife,” clapped back the 35-year-old mom of two.

As to why Kardashian is so focused on her weight loss diet that she avoided holiday parties so that she would not be tempted to stray from her food plan, Radar Online cites a family insider who claims that her husband Kanye West has been fat-shaming her.

Although Kim posted that she skipped the Fourth of July partying so that she could stick to her weight loss diet, the insider revealed that she avoided the celebrations because she was uncomfortable with her appearance.

“Kim was feeling so self-conscious on the Fourth of July that she did not want to go to any parties. She and Kanye have been fighting non-stop.”

In addition, West has been pressuring his wife to restore her pre-baby body by losing more weight.

“Kanye keeps pressuring Kim to lose her weight and he has been telling her that she really needs to get back to her ‘old self,’” added the insider.

Making Kardashian feel even more self-conscious about her size as well as angry, West is described as constantly reminiscing about how attractive the reality TV star once looked.

“He always talks about how hot her body used to be,” revealed the source. “Of course Kim is bitter at him for it. He is fat-shaming her!”

The negative feedback has taken its toll, and Kardashian has started to complain “about how fat she is now,” according to the source.

Are Kim and Kanye having marriage problems?

In addition to revealing to her fans that she avoided the holiday parties so that she could stay on her “crazy strict Atkins” diet, Kim described what she eats in order to get to her weight loss goal of 120 pounds, reported the Daily Mail.

A sample breakfast features strawberries, raspberries and blueberries over oatmeal and an egg frittata. Kardashian revealed that she eats her carbohydrates with fruit in the morning to boost her calorie-burning.

Another sample breakfast includes turkey bacon and an egg white frittata mixed with feta cheese and vegetables. Kim emphasizes protein and vegetables in her meals, recently eating salmon and Brussels sprouts, and sticking to a total of 20 grams of carbohydrates daily.

In addition to the report that West has been fat-shaming Kardashian, Radar Online cited sources who claim that Kardashian is frustrated with Kanye’s behavior but does not plan to exit their marriage.

“She complains that Kanye acts like a child. He’s always having a temper tantrum!” revealed one of the sources.

But Kardashian wants to hold onto their marriage because of the two children that they co-parent. She recalls how she felt when her own parents divorced.

Consequently, Kim does not want 3-year-old North and 7-month-old Saint “in that position,” explained the insider, who added that the reality TV star also is concerned about how a divorce could impact her reputation.

“Kim is finally world famous, and doesn’t want to risk throwing it away. She has too much to lose now.”

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