‘Deadly Trust, AKA ‘Her Last Will’ Lifetime Movie Tells Of Rich Children Who Murder Mom For Inheritance Money, Plus A True-Story Inside

Deadly Trust is an exciting new psychological thriller that is set to air soon on the Lifetime channel. Deadly Trust, also known as Her Last Will, tells the story of an ex-army soldier who is hired by a set of children from a wealthy family who want to pay her to drive their rich mother crazy so they can inherit her fortune. Deadly Trust, AKA Her Last Will, stars Rya Kihlstedt, Harriet Harris, Patrick Fischler, Fiona Dourif, and Lauren Bowles.


Deadly Trust (Her Last Will) Lifetime Movie–Our Synopsis

Margaret is a former Army sergeant who is asked to meet with two brothers who want to hire her for a job and make her an offer she can’t refuse. When she learns the details of the job, Margaret, known as Maggie, storms out of the meeting in disbelief. However, an offer of $90,000 is made, leaving Maggie no choice but to accept the job. What the brothers want is for Maggie to drive their rich mother, Dina Cotton, who is of sound mind, crazy, so they can have her declared legally insane and get her last will thrown out, leaving them in line to inherit the family fortune.

Though it’s a cruel and bizarre assignment, it seems simple. Plus, Maggie can use the technical and psychological skills that she obtained in the Army as a criminal master manipulator on her new subject, Dina Cotton.

First, Maggie helps stage the scene so that Dina is hearing things and seeing shadowy figures in the hallways of her mind. Desperate for help and driven absolutely insane, Dina suddenly collapses in her home. When Maggie tries to help Dina, she is stunned when the old woman utters her name.

Dina ends up dying, which was not part of the plan, leaving Maggie to ponder why the old woman ended up dead and how she knew her name. It doesn’t take long for Maggie to figure out that Dina’s own children killed her to claim her fortune, and she also finds that she is part of a hidden family secret that may end up costing Maggie her own life. But Maggie isn’t backing down. Now, she is ready to fight the Cotton children until the bitter end.

Lifetime’s Deadly Trust(Her Last Will) is not touted as a true-story movie. However, it does make one wonder where the writers got their inspiration. Out of curiosity, we did a bit of searching and uncovered some bizarre true-story last will inheritance stories that you might find particularly interesting.

Deadly-trust-movie-Rya Kihlstedt- Harriet Harris--Patrick Fischler-cast

Bizarre Last Will And Testament, Inheritance True Stories Like Deadly Trust (Her Last Will)

  • Two brothers, Zsolt and Geza Peladi, were homeless and destitute when they learned that they would be billionaires, along with their sister. The stroke of luck happened after their grandmother died, which left them in the direct line to inherit all the golden goods. Their mother, from whom they were estranged, was said to be a difficult woman who cut her sons off many years prior, according to Daily Mail.
  • Heiress Doris Duke’s will left everything to her butler, Bernard Lafferty, who many believe killed the old heiress in order to inherit her millions.
  • In 1992, Dana Ewell, a spoiled rich kid, wanted his parents’ money so much that he had them savagely murdered so he could inherit the fortune. Days after their deaths, Ewell was seen buying up expensive gifts and driving an expensive car.
  • In 2011, Brandon Palladino killed his mother in law, 59-year-old, Diane Edwards, because he had his eyes set on her family fortune, which he eventually obtained. Brandon Palladino killed his mother-in-law after she caught him with his hands in her jewelry box. After her death, she left a hefty inheritance to her daughter, Deanna, who also died a time later, leaving everything, including the inheritance money, to her convicted husband. Officials say Brandon, who will most likely be released in his 40s, will be living the good life, according to the New York Post.

Deadly Trust (Her Last Will) is a MarVista Entertainment presentation. Check your local listings for times and dates. The week before, Lifetime premiered Honeymoon From Hell and My Life As A Dead Girl.

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