Twitter bounces back from new wave of DDoS attacks

Twitter was hit again today with outages, but the microblogging service was better equipped to deal with the attacks today after last week’s very public meltdown.

The service was affected around 3pm EST (12pm Pacific) for around 20 minutes. Twitter’s status blog described the outage thusly:

We’re working to recover from a site outage and will update as we learn more.

Update (12:17p): We’re back up and analyzing the traffic data to determine the nature of this attack.

In an e-mail yesterday, Twitter founder Biz Stone admitted to press that attacks have been ongoing since Thursday’s outage:

Twitter went down for several hours on Thursday and co-founder Biz Stone told AFP in an email on Monday that the service was continuing to come under attack.

He said Twitter, however, had “got better at dealing with them such that Twitter remains active.” “Our systems are looking good and the platform is healthy,” he said.

While Twitter quickly bounced back from the outage, some third party applications are still reported to be sluggish.