September 20, 2017
Christie Brinkley, 62, Uses Fillers And Laser Treatments To Look Younger

Christie Brinkley is 62 years old and sharing her beauty tips with her fans to reveal how she continues to look so young. As reported by ET, Brinkley admitted to using fillers to keep her face looking younger than her years.

After all, Brinkley does share more than 100 beauty tips in her book, titled Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great. That book was published on November 10, 2015, as noted by Amazon. In that same beauty book, Brinkley admitted that she did like the way Botox shots in the bands in her neck relaxed those muscles and helped get rid of the aging-neck look. However, when Christie got Botox in her forehead, she wrote that it made her feel claustrophobic by not being able to raise her eyebrows the way she wanted. Christie also didn't like the way the Botox shots made her eyebrows sit lower, making her look sad. After some period of time, Brinkley wrote that she started to feel depressed. She couldn't wait for the Botox in her forehead to wear off.

Others, however, love the way Botox in their foreheads helps prevent wrinkles -- not just women in their 40s and 50s, but those in their 20s as well.

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Christie Brinkley fillers
[Image via Rainmaker Photo/MediaPunch/IPX]Christie did admit to loving the way fillers helped her face look fuller.
"I have used fillers in super-tiny doses — and just like makeup, the best ones are imperceptible. I've used them for an indentation on my forehead from a playground accident, and on marionette lines around my mouth. But you must use a very small amount because overfilling removes your contours and gives you a flat face! If you have a pockmark, a wrinkle that you feel distracts, or a scowl that does not reflect your attitude, filler can be a good solution."
Brinkley also praised devices she claims helped tighten her skin. The TriPollar Apollo has mixed reviews on sites like Real Self.

However, Christie wrote that the device helped her get rid of lines above her knees.

"Skin-tightening devices, like the TriPollar Apollo, which uses radio frequency waves, can do amazing things without any surgical lifting. It sounded too good to be true, and when I had it done, it felt like a hot stone massage. I was interested in the toning effect, which was imperceptible to the point of wondering if what I did notice was a placebo effect. But the faint horizontal lines above my knees were indeed gone after the treatment. This is something I would try again!"
Christie also praised the Clear + Brilliant laser for helping get rid of discoloration on her skin from old acne scars. It's a treatment that has better reviews on Real Self than the aforementioned TriPollar Apollo device.
"After just a few treatments with a Clear + Brilliant laser…the discoloration was mostly gone and my skin tone was back to normal."
Having experienced growing up in Malibu and modeling all over the world, Brinkley admitted that she knows how being exposed to sun on beaches across the globe affected her skin. As a result, Christie is really interested in the types of treatments that can reverse sun damage. Being a model still in the public eye after all these years, Brinkley seeks to look her best.

Christine still praises her own Recapture 360 product from Brinkley's skincare line for its moisturizing effects, in conjunction with the positive ways that fillers help her skin. Brinkley seeks to take care of her skin's texture, as well as address any lost fullness in her face from aging.

Christie tries to adhere to a vegan diet, with Brinkley giving allowances for a glass of wine and a bit of salmon. She also recommended smiling because of the immediate lift it gives a person's face.

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